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    Jan 2017
    1. The Biggest DMG Secret

    Source: TLN Party
    IGN : Taco

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    IGN: Zero_Tsu
    http:// Hierarchy Guild Discord
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    IGN: HyungSeok

    #1 Im curious about his "build"

    (Source: random Lament party)

    #2 I could'nt agree anymore

    (Source: Fortune guild discord)

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    We had a funny conversation yesterday on the Evernight Guild discord, here are some gud parts xD

    #1 he wants more than a Buttslap

    #2 thinking about some nice names and I found out Yaes true name. As if we didnt know already

    #3 We all need to fill our Retardness back up with sleep

    Ign: Dalia
    Ign2: Yaekoto (because he allowed me to use that xD)

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    IGN: Nanaiko

    1. We're proud 9 year olds!
    [Taken during one of Resolution's STH]

    2. When Lancers use FE but still one shot the bosses.
    [From Entity's guild discord server]

    3. Everyone's reaction to the Christmas Coins farming event.
    [From Eternials' guild discord server]

    4. My friend KuroMizana is extremely lucky with chests. Things like these happen on a daily basis. I have too much salt to share.
    [From Eternials' guild discord server]

    5. I'm still salty at #4.
    [From Eternials' guild chat]

    6. That one friend that sees your party recruitment once the PT is already full.

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    IGN: Miluria
    1. Trade Chat, Christmas Coin farm event

    2. World Chat

    3. World Chat, Lv85 Card farm event

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    IGN: KuroMizana

    #1: It doesn't work all the time (From Eternials' discord server)

    Places to find me:
    Discord: KuroMizana#9326

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    #1 - we were talking about dreams

    #2 - just a normal day in PlayHard's discord, with Randalf being Randalf (always dying in NTL f4)

    [Source: PlayHard's discord server]

    #3 - how to become rich

    IGN : Vvdv

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    dont need to win

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    In the Yumeland
    IGN : _Yume_

    No Need to Pretend to be Laggers

    PS: sorry gotta change the names, don't want to taint his/her name cause of this xD
    PSS: blame someone who gave me the ss ;D

    credit by Oribani

    Visit my Drawing thread CLICK

    IGN : _Yume_(Duelist)
    Other Classes : Crusader, Ninja, Wizard, Sorcerer, Lancer, Grenadier, Necromancer, Gunslingers


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