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    Server Maintenance 27/12/2018

    Server Maintenance on December 27.
    Aprox Duration: Maintenance will take about 2 hours.

    Patch Notes:

    New Monster Hunt: January
    A brand new challenge for a brand new year! 2019 will start on a high note with a new list of monsters for you to vanquish. The effort of our heroes will be heavily awarded with server buffs, guild points, and great individual rewards. Plus, the ranking will be once again available, so our top azurians will win exclusive prizes. You can check January's list right here.

    New Daily Login Rewards
    Also available from January first. A new year is also a new opportunity. In this case, to test your luck! Blessed and Advanced Limit Break Packs. Recast Stones. Holy Waters and Secret Stone Randomizers. And buffs! A special one month available collection to grow stronger and to prepare yourself for our Anniversary on February.

    New Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards
    Good Luck? Better say, good charm! This month's encyclopedia rewards are meant to give you an extra hand to grind. Advanced, Premium, Super Charms. Premium and Superior 1 Day Charms too!

    New Paragon Table: New Year's Eve Party
    Available for one week, from December 27 until January 3rd. New Year's Eve is our favorite time to celebrate. And of course, any good celebration needs good music! So if you are ready to throw a party with us, this week's edition of our Paragon Table will be certainly helpful in that department.
    - Music Stage Mounts, including the golden exclusive version.
    - Mount Fusion Stones.
    - Mount Shining Reshuffle Stones.
    - Idol Microphones and String Guitars.
    - Kitty Rockstar, Sweetheart Diva, Rock of Ages.
    - Harps and Swings.
    - Muse, Cesela and Freya's Key Fragments.
    And much more!

    New AP Promotions: Holy Winter Edition
    This week's limited AP Edition will celebrate what is left of Christmas, and everything that is left from the cold season. With the release of new costumes, mounts, and eidolons, it will be an opportunity to keep yourself warm and enjoy your time in the snow.
    New Kristoff and Anna Winter Fashion.
    New Chrstmas Rabbit Mounts.
    Pre-Release of Christmas Snow White in the AP Store; available for only one week here!
    Winter Fashion, Mounts and accessories.

    New LP Promotions: New Year Lights
    While we still celebrate Christmas in our AP Store, the Loyalty Store will be throwing a real party in asian style. A true oriental festival with Eidolons, Fashion, Mounts and Ornaments so we can enjoy ourselves in style!
    - Release of Sakuya Hime Key of Gaia and fragments in the Loyalty Store.
    - New Year Red Murasame and Murasame's Key of Gaia.
    - Asian Lanterns Ornaments.
    - Lanterns Mounts.
    - Asian Maid and Batou Costumes.
    - Umbrellas.
    And much more!

    New Bonus Mall: January Edition
    Two new eidolons will be landing in the Bonus Mall and they will be available through all January. Including their keys of agaia, fragments, accessories and special discounted packs! On one side, we have the innocent princess of snow, our fantasy loli Christmas Snow White. On the other side, we have the queen of the christmas dinner table, the sweet Christmas Alice. Both of them will be coming in good company, with their Christmas friends. Blessed Tyr and Holy Fenrir will also be available in the Bonus Mall all this month, together with winter-inspired fashion, mounts and accessories.

    AP Store Hot Items, LP Store Hot Items and the Bonus Mall new Promotions will become available this Friday, December 28.

    We will also like to remind you that we are still looking for help to start our Sky Tower Hell test. We will be checking the new floors (40-50) and revamping the previous floors too! Our tests will more than likely start now after New Year, so you still have time to sign up. Our Christmas Events (double exp/mastery exp and the Christmas Coins Drop event) will end on January 3rd. And this weekend, our "Best Quote of 2018" event is starting, so start looking for those screenies!

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    no normal murasame in LP? D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaos12 View Post
    no normal murasame in LP? D:
    sir, maybe you didnt read enough...kindly check it again...thanks

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    ty aura n dev

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    Both new eidos on BP ;-; I die
    Still though, ty for updates, and welcome back to dev

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggro View Post
    Both new eidos on BP ;-; I die
    Still though, ty for updates, and welcome back to dev
    Snow white is in ap for 1 week only and bp for the rest of the month

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    Cool thanks Aura and the dev

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    Thanks for the update!

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    Samzi is a pure and innocent dove.

    Thanks Owra and devs.

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    Not your business.
    Ty Aura and Devs <3
    Think of a Supa... Yup, it's me!

    SupaOMQ......cancer..... slv 15
    SupaSums......necro..... slv 15
    SupaSeksi........wiz........ slv 1x
    SupaNinja.......shuri...... slv 1x
    SupaWar..........crus...... slv 1x
    SupaSpin..........rav........ slv 1x

    Twin Saga - Supa

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