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    [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

    Astral Puzzle Change On December 24.

    New Astral Puzzle [Christmas Senshi Rampage]
    Available until December 31. On this week edition of our astral puzzle, we pay tribute to our favorite companionship in the game: Senshis! A puzzle filled with Contracts, Senshi Gems and Universal Scrolls, to roll the best possible luck this week.
    - Christmas Carol.
    - Lele.
    - Rin.
    - Lilith.
    - Novia.
    - Amber.
    And many, many, more friends!

    New AP and LP Promotions: Christmas Gifts
    Available from December 25 until December 31.
    Christmas is not only a time for love, family, gifts or food. The true spirit of Christmas is to believe that magic is real. And since Meridia is a place for true magic, this edition of our Astral Puzzle will be inspired by all kind of spells.

    - AP [Christmas Fashion] Edition
    If you haven't got many luck collecting all the Christmas fashion during this month, this is your last opportunity. Between the new Christmas Asian Costumes, many hairstyles, mounts, and Christmas accessories, you will find everything you need to feel in the right Christmas Spirit!

    - LP [Christmas Angels] Edition
    A moment for everything holy as Christmas is! During this week promotion, we will bring to the new a brand new pair of wings, and everyone's favorite ornaments and accesories to look like angels falling from the sky. Plus, Ornaments Enchantment Cards, so you can be as blessed and powerful as you want.

    Double Exp Event
    Available from today and until January 1st. If this free time you got lately is the perfect opportunity to spend leveling your character, or leveling new classes, during this week you will get a little boost as a gift. With double character and class available for one week, the time in game will be more valuable than ever!

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    Thanks and Merry X-mas ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

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    thanks Aura

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    Thanks Aura.

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    can we have costume Enchant transfer in next shop please

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    ^^^ plus one to that xD

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    Noooo I missed Novia. ;-; </3 Aw well rip. XD Thank you Aura! Happy holidays!

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