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    [CBT] Sky Tower 41-50

    [Closed Beta Test]
    Sly Tower 41-50 Floors

    As announced, our next testing process is to check two major content introductions that will most likely follow on January 2019. On one side, our server will get both Sky Tower Classic and Sky Tower Hell new floors: from Floor 41 to Floor 50. On the other side, we will also get a full Sky Tower revamp from Floors 1 to 40. Current difficulty of the dungeon will be review, and also prizes and drops will be updated.

    Since Sky Tower is indeed a 40 players dungeon, in order to check this propperly we will need the collaboration of players. But of course, your help must be willingly offered! So in case you want access to the test server to particpate on this test, we will ask you to sign up on this thread following a few requirements.

    1) How to sign up
    Since organization is a major factor during the testing process in which valuable time is lost, we will ask you for the following requirements:
    - Players will have to sign up with a full party.
    - Only one player will sign up with the characters name of the full party (5 members).
    - Include level, class and forum nickname of each member in your party.
    - In case one of the members cannot participate in one test, the party itself will be responsible to find a replacement and give propper access to the beta test before the actual test starts.
    - Players will have to sign up even if they already have the beta test status.

    2) Things to include:
    As any beta process, the selection process will take in consideration some qualities (althought no mandatoey) before choosing who will participate in the test:
    - Familiarity with current Sky Tower Mechanics.
    - Some Knowledge about the new floors mechanics.
    - Having at least one SLV1 character in the account.
    - Having multiple characters (which will allow us to check different raid group scenarios while revamping STH).
    - Available Time.

    3) Special Notes:
    Since Christmas is just around the corner, we know this might be a busy time for many of our players. Regardless, you should know the time available requirement for the test server before the Holidays will be minimum. On the first stage of this beta we will be only checking 41-50 Floors Mechanics of the Classic Mode, to make sure everything is working as suppose and report bugs.

    The second and most demanding part of this test (running 1-50 and finding the right balance) will take place after the Holidays.

    I will announce the new beta testers once I believe we have enough people to start.

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    All of us are pretty much available most to if not everyday
    And Have backups in case someone is not available already planned
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    Can i just solo it? :^(

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    We got extra replacements if need to

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    me pls

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    Any update of when this is gonna take place?

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