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    [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]


    Astral Puzzle Change On December 17.

    New Astral Puzzle [Christmas Blessing Edition]
    Available until December 24th! Christmas is just around the corner, and to celebrate this blessed time, we have another Christmas inspired Astral Puzzle. Senshis, mounts, costumes, furnitures and more available for one week, so we can get in a holy spirit!
    - Release of "Christmas Carol" Senshi Contracts in the Puzzle; both tradeable and non tradeable versions.
    - Swan, Christmas Lore, Lore and Skady Senshi Contracts.
    - Christmas Pets.
    - Christmas Furnitures (including EXP Cut Coards) and Christmas Community Chests.
    - Christmas Mounts: Polar Bears, Nono Dogs and Christmas Sleighs!
    - Christmas accessories.
    And more!

    New AP and LP Promotions: It's a Kind of Magic
    Available for six days, from December 18th to December 24th.
    Christmas is not only a time for love, family, gifts or food. The true spirit of Christmas is to believe that magic is real. And since Meridia is a place for true magic, this edition of our Astral Puzzle will be inspired by all kind of spells.

    - AP [White Magic] Edition
    The AP Store will be a place for innocent and kind magic. A place for sorcery to come true but in a holy fashion. With majestic fashion and sweet Senshis, we will give place to a lovely blessed feeling. Including Alythia, Charlotte, Chronos Senshi Contracts. Love Seats. Magic Royale Sets.

    - LP [Dark Magic] Edition
    Magic is not only a place for kind hearts. Some people might spread the wrong concept of dark magic, believing is about evil power. Regardless, the true power of dark magic is to challenge our usual conventions and believing in our own power. Introducing Dark Serena, Cocotte, Esther, Michelle, Dark Belle Senshi Contracts, and dark and powerful fashion!

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    Ermagerd Dark Magic! Ermagerd more Esther~ <3 I can 4* her now. >w<

    Thank you Aura~ Yay Christmas stuffs! FURNITUUUUUUREEEEE! *Q*

    Happy holidays, everyone!~

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    Thanks for updated. Merry Christmas..

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