There isn't any error.
1) You claim to be the victim on this situation but you have absolutely no evidence to back up this statement.
Our Server Rules are very clear on this matter. You are responsible for your own account. This means you are responsible for both taking care of it, as much as you are responsible for anything your account does in the game.

2) What you said here and in pms doesn't back up. At all.
Hard not to think of everything you wrote as anything else than a fabricated story when I have seen fist hand the reports against you and when everything you said so far in your deffense is very contradictory. Other than that, everything you wrote is just uncessary, bizarre, and doesn't really help your case.

3) There isn't any evidence against the people you are targeting as responsible. The opposite. In fact, you even name the character LightX for some reason on this thread and privately you told me this person scam you a month ago. The account haven't login since September.

4) I don't know who is the Admin you talked to since this is the fist time I answer any of your posts.
Im starting to wonder if this is in fact a Fan Fiction.