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    Server Maintenance 20/11/2018

    Server Maintenance On November 20.

    New Astral Puzzle [Home Sweet Home Edition]
    This week's Astral Puzzle will feel both cozy and lovely. If you were looking for a perfect time to chill and spend some time at home, this week's puzzle will give you all the things you need to make this a relaxed and lovely time.

    With the release of the "Love Seats" Mounts on top tier, meridians will be able to share a comfortable time with their beloved. These double seats will make getting from one side to the other a chilling experience.

    And since we are talking about home life, this week's puzzle wouldn't be completed without furnitures and maid costumes. You will find all kind of items and fashion to look like a true house keeper!

    New AP and LP Promotions:
    Promotions will become available this Wednesday (November 21) and will last until November 26.

    AP Store [Ornaments Edition]
    The AP Store will get filled with gorgeous accessories for your back. Differet styled ornaments that might give you an ethereal or an scary look, it's up to you to decide! Plus, legandaary cards to make those wings extra powerful.

    LP Store [Rin Edition]
    If you have been waiting for an opportunity to grab on that demonic demon, this week's promotion will feel like a perfect fit. Rin's Senshi Contracts and Costumes will be released, together with oriental-styled costume weapons to give this promotion a dangerous look.

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    thanks Aura

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    ]Would be nice to have bags senshi stones around again. Just realized I had enough Rin contracts in my bank. No bugsplat double mounts~ \o/ Haha~

    Thank you Aura~ <3

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