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    Twin Saga installation

    Im having a lot of trouble installing twin saga I fixed two of the errors now im stuck at the game bin not installing please help me

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    you have to desactivate your antivirus when you instal the game and also add the game folder in exception with your antivirus good luck

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    Yes anti-virus is off I tried the link for the full launcher and its only the game.bin telling me to email

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    The solution is that your windows defender is still seeing the .exe as a threat. You should make an exception for it and try to patch it again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    [...]This only happens because for some antivirus scans our executable file as a potential threat because of the program used to pack it (themida). [...]
    Quote Originally Posted by xtal View Post
    I got the same exact error when trying to install patches after not playing for a couple months. I noticed Microsoft Security essentials would respond like it just quarantined a trojan virus every time I got this error, and apparently others have had this problem too. If you make an exception in your antivirus software for your files it should work again, apparently it's just Security Essentials making false positives.

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    how would I do that? XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeowChan54 View Post
    how would I do that? XD
    just choose the folder where you installed the Twin Saga client

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