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    Curious about classes

    What makes certain classes sought after more than the others in higher levels? I'm talking about wizard, ronin, librarians and rangers.

    Also about wizards, they get like 400 cdmg cap as a default right? So if they equip lv95 acce, it'd go up to 450%?
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    to the crit dmg cap yes the 95 accs would push it to 450%, also of course everything else that max out the cap counts too, I think 450% - 500% is overall good to go

    Liberians? I guess you mean Sorcerer, they are the cleaner for pts (remove debuffs that their members got) as well as debuff and dots for the Monster they are facing.
    Rangers are good Buffer also pretty strong with their Zeal. But maybe others can tell you more about Ronin and Bow

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    The demand for those four classes comes largely from their ability to buff and/or debuff (namely, defense), and largely for nightmare modes.

    As for Wizard, the higher crit damage cap "feature" is actually a con for the class, not a pro. Once upon a time, the Wizard was weak(er), and to buff it, rather than buff it's skills or whatever, they just said "here's a 25%% higher crit damage cap, have fun". Not only does this often mean trade-offs to be able to cap crit damage from what is otherwise the ideal gear that most if not every other class can use (unless you have perfect gear, namely secret stones, making this the most expensive/frustrating class to gear, and personally I've given up as I'm not playing RNG with secret stones over it), it means it doesn't actually offer as much over other classes as it sounds like, ESPECIALLY since what has happened since that change was global crit damage cap went up (meaning the Wizard's higher cap relatively is no longer 25% higher, but less, which means the Wizard has been suffering what are "indirect" nerfs).

    That's my mini rant about the class. It's still my favorite class, but it's good to know what you're getting into if you're looking to try it. On the other hand, it can make it more involved and challenging or whatever than playing a certain four unnamed classes.
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