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    Navea, Azuria

    [Halloween Event] What is Halloween without Cosplay?

    It's been days, it's been weeks, it's been months...
    But not a single soul have ever saw Victoria.
    Rumor said that she lost her mind and became a lost soul haunting Azuria.
    Rumor said that she's became a beggar in the corner of Navea shouting for freebies.
    Rumor said that she lost her memories and lost her GM power.
    Beneath of all the circulating rumors, there's only one truth...
    The sky crack opens, rain pouring, and thunder dancing.
    A voice can be heard from the sky...

    "What is Halloween without Cosplay?!!!"

    [Forum Event]
    Screenshot Event
    31th October 2018 - 8th November 2018

    ♦ You will need to take a screenshot to show off YOURSELF COSPLAYING a certain character from Anime/Manga/Game/Novel/Real life outside Aura Kingdom ♦

    ♦ You're not allowed to cosplay a character that doesn't have an official source ♦
    You're not allowed to cosplay any OCs (Original Characters). Every character that you cosplay, should have an official source like Anime/Manga/Game/Novel/Real life outside Aura Kingdom

    ♦ You're not allowed to cosplay certain characters due to existence of their costume pieces/sets in Aura Kingdom ♦
    This list consist of next characters:
    Date A live - Yoshino, Kotori, Tohka, Kurumi, Reine, Miku, Yamai twins
    Hitsugi no Chaika - White Chaika, Red Chaika, Blue Chaika
    Fairy Tail - Natsu, Lucy, Erza
    Re:Zero - Emilia, Ram and Rem, Elsa, Priscilla
    Hyperdimension Neptunia - Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert
    Disgaea - Laharl, Flonne, Prinny

    ♦ You're not allowed to cosplay characters in their unofficial outfits ♦
    You are prohibited from cosplaying characters in kimonos, school uniforms and swimsuits unless it's their official outfit.

    ♦ You can't cosplay a character, that was already cosplayed in this thread ♦
    ♦ You're ALLOWED to enhance / edit / photo-manipulate your screenshot. If you're merging more than 1 screenshots, put all the screenshots as reference ♦
    ♦ You're only allowed to use AK screenshots as material if you're merging more than 1 screenshots ♦
    ♦ You're allowed to add text to your screenshot ♦
    ♦ You're allowed to crop your screenshot ♦
    ♦ Other players / Eidolons / NPCs / Mounts / Pets are allowed inside your screenshot, but the prize will go to the person that submitted the entry ♦
    ♦ Add a description to your screenshot explaining the story behind your screenshot and brief explanation of the character you cosplayed ♦
    ♦ Add official character images you cosplayed(links, not embedded picture) as reference ♦
    ♦ You have to write your IGN in your entry ♦
    ♦ You're NOT ALLOWED to EDIT/RESERVE your entry ♦

    Judgement Criteria
    ♦ This is a Screenshot Contest, not a Fashion Contest ♦
    ♦ We will judge your entry based on how visually pleasing your screenshot ♦
    ♦ We will judge your entry based on how you translate the characters you cosplayed into the screenshot story ♦
    ♦ Remember to add official character images you cosplayed(links, not embedded picture) as reference ♦

    3 Best Screenshots
    The winners are allowed to take 3 packs from the provided list below:

    - Name Change Scroll x1

    - Treasure - Gold x 13

    - Head Costume + Body Costume of your choice (Except Production/Guardian Knight/STH Costume)

    - A Gold Quality Mount of your choice
    - Shining Mount Reshuffle Stone x 10

    - Azurian Grilled Meat x3
    - Fantasy Mapo Tofu x3

    - Choices of 30th-Order Weapon Fortification (Non-Tradable) x 5 / 30th-Order Armor Fortification (Non-Tradable) x 5 / 30th-Order Accessory Fortification (Non-Tradable) x 5

    - An Eidolon's Key of Gaia of your choice
    - Eidolon's Key Fragments of your choice x5

    All Participants will automatically enter a raffle to win a Halloween Nikki Pack (3 Halloween Nikki's Key of Gaia, Halloween Nikki's Eidolon Accesory, 1 Ring of Oath)

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    Participation - xMitsukii

    Helloo ~
    Here is my participation to the event. (IG name: xMitsukii)
    My cosplay is Mumei, from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, she's a girl who fight against Kabane : people contaminated by a violent virus, which become "zombie". With a bit of people who survive, they escape with a train and search some other survivor.
    Mumei :

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    [IGN: Aggro]
    [Cosplay: Akko, from Little Witch Academia]

    Akko is an optimistic girl that never refuses a challange, she's obsessed with magic, even if most of the time she fails at the most basic spells.
    Her wish is to prove to everyone how fun and inspiring magic can be.

    It doesn't matter how many times I fail, as long as I keep trying, I can do this! I can control the Shiny Rod!

    Ref pics: [LINK] [LINK]

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    IGN: Alche
    Cosplay: Nicolas Brown

    Nicolas is highly skilled with a sword, imposing and somewhat aloof. He is deaf and communicates primarily through sign language, though he can speak in a limited capacity. Along with Worick, Nicolas works as a gangster-for-hire. He is an A/0 level Twilight or "tagged" (in reference to his dog tags), making him both feared and reviled on the streets.

    "If you really want to be a winner, be someone who does not give up."

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    Swiss Cheese
    [IGN: Stazzy]

    My entry is Kenshin Himura, from Samurai X
    "Tormented by his past as a hitokiri, Kenshin has developed an acute appreciation for life and has taken a vow in his heart to never again kill another person and to do everything within his power to protect people from being killed."

    Last edited by 5crU3L4rD; 10-31-2018 at 11:23 AM. Reason: forgot to add IGN, hopefully this isn't against the rules

    The horror of gambling

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    fox that cosplay fox

    IGN: JluJluT
    Cosplay: Kūgen Tenko from "Our Home's Fox Deity."

    Kūgen is a fox deity that has been the Guardian of the Mizuchi family for centuries. Kūgen was sealed by one of their Water Priests because of her mischievous behavior, and was only let out when her services were needed. She was fully released by Noboru after Tōru was targeted by a demon and now serves as their guardian. Her powers are so great that she can defeat most opponents with just her own offensive techniques.
    Kūgen now acts as the protector of Tōru and Noburo to keep them safe from any threats to them, while at the same time trying to adapt to the modern world.

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    Miguel...Rusty...Nicol...I-I finally did it...yet why does this feeling remain.........?

    Character: Athrun Zala
    Series: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (if you want any sort of implication of timeframe, after his volatile duel with Kira but before he returns to Earth)
    Slight backstory: This would be a theoretical that happens after he thinks he killed his friend, Kira. This was an act of revenge for his fallen comrades, with no happy tune in sight about this thus reflecting if what he did was right before resuming his duties.
    IGN: FengXiuYing

    References: noting that because an original source is zerochan, I'm including 2 links to the same thing or

    FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan

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    IGN : Fukkat
    Cosplay : Albedo - Overlord

    Albedo is one of the main protagonists of the light novel series, Overlord. She is one of the three NPCs created by Tabula Smaragdina and is the self-proclaimed wife of Ainz Ooal Gown. She is a succubus that serves as the leader of the Floor Guardians in Nazarick.

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    Cool Cosplay Inuyasha from Inuyasha hahahaha

    IGN: CupidAngel

    Inuyasha Cosplay

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    potato farm
    IGN: Venusu
    Cosplay: Lily Vocaloid
    Lily grew tired of following the same code everyday, one day she came across the game files for Aura Kingdom and she decided she wanted to explore this new world that became available to her. Now she roams Azuria with nothing but her guitar and a song to sing for all those that wish to listen to her story.


    Lily is a computer program made by Crypton future media as a synthesizer to sing music, an internet pop star that lives in the files of the computers in the world that use her programming, so i thought...lily would love to play music for people in new worlds and so she came to aura ^^
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