[Halloween Summoning Event]
Enchanted Night

On the night of halloween, kids from all over Azuria gathers to tell their own scary stories. Tales from monsters and ghosts, from sorrow and fear. They sit around the blue flames on Enchanted Valley. The landscape is gorgeous, but you cannot avoid to feel someone is looking at you.Are you really alone...?

Stories passes like pages in one terrorific book. 98th... 99th... Now is finally your turn. You will share with your friends about that time, when all your fears came true, when you thought you would die... Everyone looks at you with scare and surprise in their eyes. You finally reach those final words that will also finish this night. "The End", you say, when something strange happens...

In the distance, you all can see a beautiful woman. She floats in the air like she is made out of the moon. Ethereal and gorgeous, like the night itself. Her expression seems both vast and empty. Are you scare of her? Or are you scared of the fact you cannot reject the force of her attraction?
This October 30th a gorgeous yet scary ghost will appear in Enchanted Valley. The mythical forest will be filled with the presence of Aoandon, and to vanquish her forever it won't be an easy task. She will appear every night at 8pm (server time) and once again at 4am (server time). She will appear until November 8th and in order to defeat her, you will need all the strength and help you can possible get! But it will be all worthy. Once Aoandon is finally defeated, all the participants will receive a mail as a sign of grattitude. And in result, you can win one between some amazing prizes:

Advanced Secret Stone Randomizer x1
Costume Restructuring Holy Water x1
SLV.5 Golden Restructuring Potion x1
Hades's Wine Bottle x1
Hades's Bloody Mary x1
Hades's Seasoned Cognac x1
Hades's Bloody Steak x1
Hades's Underworld Coin x1
Loyalty Points x100
Loyalty Points x200
Loyalty Points x500
Nightmare Eidolon XP Crystal x10
Nightmare Crest of Light x5
Nightmare Crest of Darkness x5
Nightmare Crest of Sand x5
Nightmare Crest of Forest x5
Nightmare Crest of Flame x5
Nightmare Crest of Ice x5
Nightmare Crest of Wind x5
Nightmare Crest of Thunder x5
One Star Eidolon Buff Reroll x3
Two Star Eidolon Buff Reroll x3
Three Star Eidolon Buff Reroll x3
Four Star Eidolon Buff Reroll x3
Nikki's Key Fragment x1
Shirayuki's Key Fragment x1
Aoandon's Key Fragment x1
Medjed's Key Fragment x1
Pandora's Key Fragment x1
Hades's Key Fragment x1
Alucard's Key Fragment x1
Hot Alucard's Key Fragment x1
Nidhogg's Key Fragment x1
Sultry Nidhogg's Key Fragment x1
Elizabeth's Key Fragment x1
Morrigan's Key Fragment x1
Lucifer's Key Fragment x1
Halloween Nikki's Key Fragment x1
Lucifer's Rumor Style x1
Endora's Rumor Style x1