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    [New Paragon Table and Promotions]

    New Paragon Table and Promotions on October 25.

    New AP and LP Promotions:

    AP and LP [Sweet Dreams] Edition:
    On this week's AP Store, things will get dreamy for our azurians. With the release of the Angel's Baby Doll dress, we will have a special seductive edition with romantic fashion made of lace and ribbons. To connect with your feminine side, delicate fashion, ethereal ornaments, and sweet accessories. On the LP Store, we will still celebrate the land of dreams but on a different fashion: with the release of Tsukuyomi, the moon will take center piece. Serena and Cesela will complete the collection, on a dreamy night edition.

    Promotions will be available for one week, from October 25 to November 2nd.

    New Paragon Table: Candyland Edition
    Available for five days, from October 25 until Tuesday 30th. With Halloween just around the corner, this week's we will have a short paragon table to celebrate one of the most special aspects of the spooky celebration: Of course, the candies! But no trick or treat will be required. Everything that is sweet and tasty will be already available.
    - Food Buffs: Fantasy Mapo Tofu, Grilled Meat, Candie and Chocolate Buffs.
    - Ice Cream and Latte Trucks.
    - Asian Maid Costume.
    - Maid Cafe and Waiter Costumes.
    - Special Costume Weapons: Spoons, Forks, and much more.
    - Tasty face accessories!

    Upcoming Content:
    This week's maintenance has been delayed until an unusual time, on next Tuesday (October 30) to start our Halloween Commemorations. OnTuesday's maintenance, we will include to the game Halloween Events, a brand new Paragon Table, New Daily Login and Encyclopedia Rewards, and update the Bonus Mall. Plus, we will reveal next month's Monster Hunt goals.

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    Looking forward to the halloween celebrations <3

    Art by Daeyoung

    Pump - TFD trash

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    Pretty hair ♥ Thank you for the long-lasting foods on para

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    Nice nice thanks for the update.
    "Nothing can be obtained without a kind of sacrifice, this is the law of equivalent exchange."

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    op buffs on para thanks Aura

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    Time to look more cute ~ thanks Aura & Staff!

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