Server Maintenance on October 18th.
Aprox Duration: Maintenance will take between 2 and 3 hours.

Patch Notes:
- Fixes to undiscardable item dropping from event.
- Addition of Oddities and Conversations from Sunset Ridge and Crescent Valley.

New Paragon Table: Ghosts from the East
Paragon will remain available from one week, from October 18 until October 25. Enjoy it while it lasts! On this week's edition, the general october's mood is transferring into the Paragon Table. But unlike usual Halloween celebrations, the ghosts from our Paragon are travelling from far away! With the scary appearance of all kind of asian ghosts and spirits, today's table will be the perfect example of some J-horror.
- Paragon Table release: Shirayuki's Costume Set.
- Paragon Table release: Muramasa and Masamune's Spirit Ornaments.
- Fashion additions: Aoandon, Nikki, Murasame, Izanami, Izanagi fashion sets.
- Hidden kitsunes ornaments.
- Key Fragments: Aoandon, Nikki, Murasame, Red Murasame, Izanami, Shirayuki.
And much more!

New AP and LP Promotions: Power Struggle!
If you have been struggling with your own power, this week's hot items will feel as a glorified salvation. Nothing feels better than the words consumables and discounts when they come together.
- Forging Scrolls
- Fortification Scrolls
- Fusing Stones
- Randomizers
- Boosts and PvE items.
All of them, at great prices!

Plus, Poweful Fashion to dress up for combat. Battle-fitting mounts. And dangerous looking ornaments and acessories.

Promotions will be available from October 19 to October 26.