Server Maintenance on October 11th.
Aprox Duration: Maintenance will take between 2 and 3 hours.

Patch Notes:
- Fixes to Monster Hunt Solo Challenge: Aveline's goal has been corrected and the required amount downgraded to 3.
- Fixes to Performer's Battlefield Champion PvP Rewards: prizes has been corrected to our custom ones.
- Fixes to Duelist's Purgatory Fighter PvP Rewards not being sent.
- Fixes to Norway Snow Land and Black Rock Desert Hidden Treasure Maps.
- Fixes to infinite reroll mount issues.
- Fixes to Freya, Alicia, Demeter and Michael's Guild Artifacts.
- Fixes to Sky Tower Classic Empty Bags.
- Fixes to Brawler's Lightning Strike effects not being proc.
- Fixes to Wizard's Fireball proc effect while using masteries.
- Fixes to outdated +25 fortification effects from some gear.
- Fixes to Winston's Final Belief Trophy crit effect.
- Fixes to Zahr-Kazaal's Icy Spine Trophy effect.
- Fixes to SLV5 Greatsword buff effect.
- Fixes to Red and Blue pillars inside PvP and Sky Tower souls from floor 31.
- Fixes to Twilight Forest not dropping coreless level 80 armor boxes.
- Addition of SLV1 and SLV5 Dimensional Halls.

New Paragon Table: Power of Gods Edition
Available for one week, from October 11 to October 18. If you have been getting behind with your eidolons collection, this week's paragon will be the perfect opportunity to finally complete your list! The Gods of Azuria will be making a special appearance on our weekly table.
- Fragments from: Sif, Ares, Seiryuu, Aoandon, Kaiser Zeta, Hermes, Medjed, Nalani, Maja, Rhodri, Higa, Endora, and more!
- Eidolon Accessories for several Eidolons.
- 1*,2*, 3* and 4* Eidolon Buff Rerolls.
- Ring of Oath.

New AP Promotions: Moon Blessing Edition
For this week's special AP Promotions, the Sun and the Moon will inspire a special collection of items. With the release of Tsukuyomi in our store and his lovely lady sister, Amaterasu. Costumes, mounts, and accessories to complete this family gathering.

New LP Promotions: Summer Nostalgia
Summer might be already over but it doesn't mean we cannot still enjoy some time at the beach. On this week's Loyalty Store, we will see both Hot Alucard and Sultry Nidhogg making their debut together with the beautiful Undine. Plus, summer costumes and accessories. So start packing and get to Helonia!

New AP and LP Promotions: Hidden Power Edition
If everything is filling too eidolon-sided for you this week, fear not. We will also have a second promotion in both stores focused on Costume Weapons. Amazing weapons will appear in both stores, together with Golden Weapon Fusion Scrolls for a limited time.

Promotions will be available from October 12 to October 19.