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Thread: 40 Bard STH

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    40 Bard STH

    Just for fun we'll be hosting a 40 man bard raid! Looking for bards of any level and gear cap, we gotta fill the entire raid with BARDS.

    Feel free to pm on forums/on discord Midnight#8030/mail in game (MidnightEcho)

    Sheet Link:

    Raid will be hosted 8/13 since we lacked some bards this week! Still a chance to sign up
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    I wasn't there till the end (was too sleepy to stay up), but everyone who participated were amazing!

    Wasn't 40 Bards but... (screenshots taken from Unofficial Discord)

    Great job! All hail the barbs! \o/

    Especially MidnightEcho, who was dedicated to make this happen~ <3

    Next Class Raid incoming... maybe.

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