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    "My oath bows to the King, And my heart protects."

    - IGN: Poshi

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    Aug 2016
    Secret :D

    My entry /o/

    "Fight with my burning flames and my Axe,no one shall dare to touch our King with such pathetic attitude !!"

    ".....W-wait, shouldn't the flames burn the ic-"

    The frozen cavern gets melted by the rageous flames.


    IGN : Focuser

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    Jun 2016
    Earth , haha
    IGN: IAsama

    Aura Kingdom』:【 IAsama Tachi / Bard】【 kyakoi Sorcerer / Bard

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    Thank you everyone for participating! There are too many good entries, I'll probably suffer picking the winners, they'll be announced in the next couple of days!

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    And for the much anticipated winners..... Drum Rolls

    -First Place-

    -Second Place-

    -Third and Fourth Places-
    Hortense and Poshi!

    -6 Remaining of Top 10-
    _Yume_, Tutame, Fukkat, Jewel, Gaelhane, IAsama!

    Enjoy your newfound strength, as announcement would say! Many entries were equally amazing, it was hard to rank them!

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