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    [Fashion Contest] The Army of Ullr

    As the prophecy says, with the end of winter, Ullr becomes the king of the world!
    And as with a new king, there must also be a new army to follow his incredible ice powers.
    So show your devotion to our new king, and prove your loyalty if you wish to exist on our new world in which cold reigns!

    Fashion Contest!
    [Thursday 4th until Thursday 11th of October 11PM]

    The theme is an ice-cold, dangerous battlefield.
    Pick a costume and location to show you are ready to fight for your new king!
    You can crop and edit your photo
    Remember to write your in-game name with your entry!

    - Judgment criteria -
    Primarily Costume creativity and innovation, don't pick just any ice costume!
    But photo quality also counts! Doesn't mean your editing, but your eye to catch the best angle and background!

    The first place winner will get to fight along side-by-side with our new king, allowed to witness him in his full glory!
    [3 Ullr Keys of Gaia + 5 Ullr Key Fragments + Ullr's Frost Bow + Ring of Oath]

    The second place will receive a custom-made weapon, and will be allowed to command their own battalion, receiving orders directly from our king.
    [1 Ullr Key of Gaia + 1 Golden Weapon Fusion Scroll]

    The third and fourth places will receive their own custom weapons, but will not be blessed with the presence of our king.
    [1 Golden Weapon Fusion Scroll]

    On top of that, the top 10 winners will receive a complementary Golden Ice Crystal Dragon Mount to help you travel on our soon-to-be impenetrable eternal winter!

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    In the Yumeland

    "I'm ready to serve you My King....!!"

    IGN : _Yume_
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    credit by Oribani

    Visit my Drawing thread CLICK

    IGN : _Yume_(Duelist)
    Other Classes : Crusader, Ninja, Wizard, Sorcerer, Lancer, Grenadier, Necromancer, Gunslingers


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    A Big Fight and a King to serve? Count me in!! I would love to lend my Shield to the Great Ullr

    Also Fenrir wants to meet her new big Brother to ask him some Questions like, "Does he loves Sweets? Candy uh and Ice Cream! Of course he likes those, right?"

    Ign: Dalia
    Good Luck to you all o/
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    May the cold of winter be with us as we fight for our King!


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    ~I am ready to fight on your side with Shirayuki, My King ~

    IGN: Shiorin_ c:

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    i will fight alongside you, your highness.

    IGN: Gellie

    IG: ak.gellie

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    Chon'sin, Valm
    Defiling graves is beyond disrespectful, and I shall give my life to protect these burial grounds from the likes of you.
    IGN: FengXiuYing
    disclaimer: The skill used to produce lights is storm curse.

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    FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan

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    Sworn Oath

    IGN: Sarxia

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    Tanko's side ♥

    ♦ Arisen from chaos, my spear soars out like a chilling gale ♦

    The requiem ends and the crowds disperse.

    IGN: Phobetor

    ♦ Ettheria ♦ Sylphistia ♦ Ieva ♦ AuraFridge ♦

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    I live as his sword. His words are absolute and I will follow though it with the utmost loyalty

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    in a state of mental confusion where i do not even know where and who am i

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