Server Maintenance on October 4th.
Aprox Duration: Maintenance will take about 2 hours.

Patch Notes:
- Fixes to 1k Panels: everyone who missed the first release of the 1k Panels to the game and found their mails already expired, will have now their correspondant panels already learned in their accounts. Just go to the panels tab, and you will find that your correspondant panels will already be available for your character.
- Fixes to Necromancer Class creation when using LV.85 Cards: The class can now be create without problems when using Insta Boost Cards, and receive the correspondant tutorial normally.
- Fixes to House Renaming: Houses can now be renamed without problems.
- Fixes to Construction Points Expansion Items: the items now extends your available construction points in your house. Remember the item can only be used after Rank 9.
- Fixes to Construction Points Expanded Reverted: Now you will be able to remove your furnitures from storage, without worrying about your space getting drastically reduced back.
- Fixes to Custom Weapons Textures: Several textures from our own custom costume weapons has been fixed.
- Fixes to Sky Tower Fantasy Chests: Shield has been added in all floors to the treasure chests.
- Addition of Coreless Armor Boxes LV.80 to bosses inside LV.75/80 dungeons.

"A Brand New Song" event ended, and music sheets won't be dropping from monsters anymore. You can still deliver the quest after maintenance, but only if you already have the requested numbers of items in your power.

New Paragon Table: Casual Wear Edition
Available for one week, from October 4 to October 11. Players with some taste for normal looking costume and every day fashion will find this Paragon Table just delightful. Between funny and cute accessories and wonderful fashion, you will be able to get a slice of life this week.
- Release of two brand new costume weapons: CatDog and Greedy Pets. Available for Gunslingers and Shurikens!
- Release on the Paragon Table of "Rocking Kitty" Costume Set.
- Fun accessories: Diva and Shappire Heart Glasses, Blue Tanuki face accessory, Star Specs, Bubble Gums, and more!
- Every day fashion: Custom version of Chronos and Uriel's Fan T-shirts (still not dyeable).
- Formal Work Wear: Bosses Costumes and Angel Nurse.
- A day at the beach: Latest Summer Costumes.
- Music Inspired: Trensetter, Trendy Rockstar, Music Diva.
And much more!

New AP Promotions: Coffee Shop Edition
This week's the AP Store is filled with exciting releases. The Asian Maid will make it's debut into our Hot Items together with two of the most awaited mounts of the year: The ice cream truck and the coffee shop! Together with this amazing new items, we will make a special edition inspired by food: waiter and cooking costumes, costume weapons, face accessories and buffs.

New LP Promotions: Fairytales
If you are looking for your very own happy ending, the LP Store will transform your character into a true Prince or Princess. Release of Snow White's Costume, Blue Bird's Costume, Fantasy Carriages, Prince Costume and Royal Wedding Set. Plus Snow White, Blue Bird, Alice and Hansel and Gretel's Key of Gaia.

New Bonus Mall: October's Edition
Our Bonus Mall will change a couple of hours after today's maintenance. The God of Ice and Snow will be released to our store with some special bags and accessories. Chilling outfits to survive the cold weather and winter gods to keep you company!