[Video Event - Official Soul Performer Trailer]
Another Song
An awaited new class has been revealed to Azurians last week. Not only the new class allows you to skip quite some questing, it is also pretty eye catching. To celebrate this new arrival, and sing out loud to the world about this new awaken power, we will ask you to put on the shoes of a director for some days. In reward, you might win amazing prizes!

Event Details:
- This is a trailer event to celebrate the release of the Performer Class in AKTO.
- You will be requested to make a trailer about the class.
- The video can't last less than one minute, and it must be uploaded in youtube.
- The footage should be all original content.
- The result must be an original trailer.

Event Criteria:
- As any trailer, your task will be to showcase/advertise the new class in a short extension.
- Creative licenses are all up to you: choose the music of your preference, tell a short story, showcase the class in action, etc.
- You will have a total of 10 days to submit/edit your video: the contest will finish on October 8th, at midnight.

Event Prizes:
We will select a total of three winners:
1st Place will receive 10.000 AP.
2nd Place will receive 7.000 AP.
3rd Place will receive 5.000 AP.

We will also raffle 3.000 AP among all the contestants, and gift to all the contestants with Chrono's Dance.
Don't forget to include the name of your character in your entry,
and Good Luck to All!