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    Server Maintenance 28/09/2018

    Server Maintenance on September 28.
    Aprox Duration: Maintenance will take about 2 hours.
    Due to an unpredicted delay, our usual server maintenance will have to be postponed until this Friday, September 28. The maintenance will take place at an early stage of the day and the weekly promotions will change together with this week's maintenance.

    Patch Notes:
    - Fixes to stuck characters in Main Quest Line after creating character with insta level 60 cards: Your characters should now see the corrected NPC, Grand Bishop Ema, inside the Audience Chamber. Created and future characters should be able to complete the quest chain without problems.
    - Fixes to all characters receiving LV.55 Aquila Platoon Quest.

    New Monster Hunt: October
    The new challenge for next month's monster hunt will become available this monday. It includes new killing objectives for the three challenges; Server, Guild and Solo. It also includes new prizes for both Guild and Solo Challenges, while the Server Challenge Rewards will remain the same.

    New Daily Login Rewards
    Also available from October 1st. This time we will have a special edition of only one month duration, changing to new rewards on November. The prizes includes a special eidolon devoted edition, with eidolon buff rerolls, nightmare eidolon xp crystals, hot alucard and sultry nidhogg keys of gaia.

    New Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards
    Celebrating the scarier month of the year, on this month's edition of the adventurer encyclopedia rewards we will get Halloween Ready. Special Bags with furnitures, fashion items, and eidolons will be available through all the month.

    New Paragon Table: Costume Weapons
    Available for one week, from September 27 till October 4th. This week's edition of our Paragon Table will fill you with an unpredicted power. With the release of the first Guitar Costume Weapons to the game, many will be eager to get to the top.
    - Release of Soul Performer Costume Weapons.
    - Golden Weapon Conversion Scrolls.
    - Premium and Advanced Enchantment Weapon Cards of all kind.
    - Release of Diamong Glaze Costume Weapons.
    And much more!

    New AP Promotions: Night of the Yokai Edition
    The release of the Lady of Snow's Costume has inspired a very ghostly edition in our AP Store, but with an asian vibe. Shirayuki, Nikki and Aoandon Costumes will be revealed together with the godess's keys of gaia. Plus, the mythic warrior Murasame will present the ancient spirit within her sword with the brand new Muramasa and Masamune Ornaments. Murasame's keys of gaia, sword and costume will also be present.

    New LP Promotions: Day of Courage
    The LP Store will look far more bright and exciting, with the debut of Ares's Key of Gaia, Fragments, and accessory into our Loyalty Store. The God of War will also inspire all kind of fashion and accessories with a special war inspired edition filled with heavy armors and swords.

    LV.90 A Brand New Song Questline Extended
    The drop of pages will continue for six more days, giving you time until October 4th to deliver your quest.

    Upcoming Content
    Our Bonus Mall will change on October 4, briefly after next week's maintenance, introducing the new God Ullr to the game together with a very cold edition. Also, in our next two following weeks, we will dedicate exclusively to bug fixing and addition of items to the game. This means our weekly maintenances we will devoted to solve problems as missing 1k panels, housing related problems, textures problems, and some other reported issues.

    After that, we will continue with our usual content schedule. Besides Halloween events planned for this month, our future additions includes: SLV1 and SLV5 Dimensional Halls, updates of the card battle and housing systems, Sanctuary of Eidolons Trials new paths (for both normal and nightmare modes), and the addition of Sky Tower New floors/re work of Sky Tower Hell Mode. These changes will all be progressively added on the following months.

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    thanks for the update.
    " Explosiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! "

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    Thank You Aura ❤
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    Thank you Aura

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    LV.90 A Brand New Song Questline Extended
    The drop of pages will continue for six more days, giving you time until October 4th to deliver your quest.

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    Thank You Aura , when to update STH 41-45f?:p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shikiii View Post
    Thank You Aura , when to update STH 41-45f?:p
    There is no eta. I already gave you our future working schedule in order, but there's no way of knowing for sure by which time the new floors will arrive.

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    Thanks for the updates Aura ~

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    Aresbae~ <3 Guitar costumes~ \o/

    Lots wanted a bit of extension time for the event. They'll have all the time now unless they last minute things again. XD Thank you Aura~

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    What does rework of sth mean ? Nerf - buff ? Drop change ?

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