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    [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

    Astral Puzzle Change On September 17.

    New Astral Puzzle [Consumables Edition]
    Available until September 21.On this week's special edition of our astral puzzle, we will have a short but very valuable collection of consumables items. Gear, evolution, exp items, cards and much more!
    - Golden Skills Pages.
    - Guarantee Evolution Scrolls for Gear, Accessories and Trinkets!
    - Astral Field Fortune Bags.
    - Exp Items; including 24 hour and 7 days stars, and 7 days VIP contracts.
    - Unidentified Enchantment Cards.
    - Senshi Stones and Evolution Keys.
    - 20-slot backpacks.
    And much, much, much more!

    New AP and LP Promotions:
    Available for seven days, from September 21 to September 24.

    - AP [Extreme Sports] Edition
    If you are a fan of high speed and adrenaline, this week's edition of our Featured Items will have all the special attributes you were looking for. With the release on the ap store of the Racing Costumes, sportive cars, golden bikes, skateboards and more!

    - LP [Summer Festival] Edition
    Summer will end this year on a high note, with a special Festival Edition. Release of the Windmill Weapon Costume and the Bunny Melon Hat will keep good company of our players for this time of celebration. Balloons, glasses, ice creams and californian costumes to enjoy a day of fun!

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    TY Aura! \o/

    Furniture Puzzle next? XD -runs- I'd wanna see those Star Buffs again if possible. They're pretty handy~ \o/
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