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    [New Paragon Table and Promotions]

    New Paragon Table and Promotions on September 13th

    New AP and LP Promotions:

    AP [Creatures of the Forest] Edition:
    One more week to go before the summer it's officially over. But before we get into our daily routine, let's enjoy this nice weather and celebrate the miracle of nature. On this week's AP Hot Items, we will be inspired by the beautiful landscape of Rainmist Reach: gorgeous goddess, fashion inspired by fairies, and all the magic of the forest in wonderful accessories.

    Main Items in Promo: Eidolons including Sif, Demeter and Idunn. Release of Magic Butterfly and Ethereal Angel new ornaments. Mounts; including golden exclusive versions. Weapon costumes, accessories and fashion with amazing discounts.

    LP [Loving Creatures] Edition:
    If the AP Store will certainly look blossoming, the LP Store Hot Items of this week will be no exception. Summer it's also a great opportunity for great adventures, including a very hot romance. The LP Store will give you those perfect complements that will help to bring your couple to the next level.

    Main Items in Promo: Eidolons including Venus, Hebe and Astraea. Release of "Royal Wedding and "Aura Prince" Costumes. Hebe and Astraea's Costumes. Wedding Sets and Fantasy Carriages. Chocolate Buffs and candies!

    Promotions will be available for one week, from September 14 to September 21.

    New Paragon Table: Last Week of Summer Edition
    Available for one week, from September 13 to September 20. Today's Paragon will help us celebrate the last week of holidays! With a special designed table to party at Helonia.
    - Hot Alucard and Undine's Key of Gaia and Fragments.
    - New Summer Outfits: Flirty Sailor, Surfing Summer and their hairstyles.
    - New Golden Mount: Marine Seal.
    - More Mounts: Seals and Clouds.
    - Sailor Outfits, SUmmer Love and Summer Fun Set Costumes.
    - Costume Weapons: Undine's Lance, Bananas and Goldfish Umbrellas.
    - Accessories: Blushes and Bubble Gums.

    Upcoming Content:
    Everything it's almost ready. So after some wait, and a few delays, we can finally announce that the brand new "Soul Performer" Class will be introduced to the game next week. People has been curious about the release details, so let's make a few clarifications that will help you go through it:
    - The new class is scheduled for next week. Regardless, it's possible the maintenance takes place before thursday. The date will be revealed once we are closer to our objective.
    - Next week will include modifications in the exp curve between level 80 and 90.
    - We plan to add to the game Level 60 Character Level Boost Cards and an extension of the total available characters in an account. This will happen about a week later of the Soul Performer release.
    - The new class will be introduced to the game together with an event to gain Level 85 Card Boosts. You will be able to win one card per account and you will need a level 90 character to complete this event.
    - There is also an event planned for donators to gain a Level 85 Card Boost, together with the class release. The details will be revealed during our next maintenance.

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    Thanks for the update.

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    Thanks for update

    So everything for the next week? curve and new class? :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Narcato View Post
    So everything for the next week? curve and new class? :/
    Yes dear. We are finishing some last details, but next week we will be ready

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    I was so looking forward to playing the new class but oh well

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    Thanks for the update, Aura ^^
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    Thanks Aura! LEI BEST GUY!
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    I'm extremely interested in the extension of the number of available characters per account :3 Will we get two extra slots, or just one?

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    In progress: Lilith667 (sorceress)


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    thank you for the update aura

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    Nice o3o I likey
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