Hello, I am looking for a guild per the title.

A bit of a background to me is that I've been playing Aura Kingdom since the middle of 2014, although I moved to this server from Aeria late last year. My main character is an S.Level 5 Wizard (a class I've been playing almost as long as I've been playing the game, and went on to develop a guide for), although I am still in the process of catching up to content I've yet to reach or obtain, working on all the bonus stuffs that grant so many stats, and all that fun stuffs. I play a bit casually and like to go at my own pace, but I am active and play nearly every day.

I am from the GMT -5 (US EST) time zone, so it would be preferable to find a guild that isn't too inactive during this time, although I otherwise don't discriminate from where it's members are located.

If any guild has space and is interested, you may whisper me in game (Sylver_Aura) or via Discord (Sarah#6270).