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    and a Motion Picture I created ^^ cause I had a lotta fun doing this



    Cube of Gaia:

    For the costumes, I just mixed a bit of traditional and modern costumes (thus the pants) >.<

    IGN: CuChulainn
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    IGN: Hitoka

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    IGN: Arne

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    Concept: Looking at Tsukuyomi's loli design, it feels like it's based more on twilight/moon rather than the dark night sky. I tried to incorporate the same idea to the Male-Tsukuyomi. Also, in asian myths, gods always seem to be glowing? there would be always some sort of light behind them, i thought it'd be cool to include that. Besides, AK is always in need of handsome ikemen eidos.

    Textures used:
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    Art contest. IGN: x3Akoi

    IGN: x3Akoi

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    ING: Tamarind

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    Gosh, it's been a while since I picked up my pen.

    For the costume I took a bit of inspiration from here:

    Background references:

    IGN: Tyrwena

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    IGN: Apotheoz
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    Tsukuyomi spent too much time in the gym and got crazy from all the steroids.
    ign: NoticeMeT_T

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