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    ign: Iunastra (capital 'i' in case there is confusion)
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    ign: cesela ;_;;

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    seems nice

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    Post Tsukyomi Badass God of moon

    Well inspired by imagination and many anime like one piece bleach etc... i did a badass Tsukyomi with bunny servant for Sake and the piece of moon on the sky because not funny if he take all the moon. Also i didn't notice my mistake by Hopless and not Hopeless forgive me pliz i was tired after drawing T.T.

    IGN: Hopless
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    Inspired by some manga i think i will give a try this time. Although i did expect Tsuku a bit like this too .
    My ign :Higora

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    :3 fun

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    Well, I tried.
    IGN: Ransa

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    in game name: Pirrotte


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    IGN: StarRisa

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    He grew up ;)

    IGN: Lunarix
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