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    [Art Contest] Tsukuyomi Re-nvention!

    [Art Contest]
    Tsukuyomi Re-invention!
    Expectations and reality doesn't always go hand in hand. When the new eidolon Tsukuyomi was announced for released, many probably imagined Amaterasu's beloved brother with a completed different look. Some even, might feel a little bit confused about Tsukuyomi's overall image and his gender definition. Some might have expected a much more intimidating expression for a God with such a legendary bad boy reputation.

    On today's Art Contest, we will ask our players to re imagine how Tsukuyomi might look with a more manly vibe. He can still be a shota, a teenager or a full grow up. He can keep his traditional japanese clothes, or go for a completely different outfit. You will have to inspired yourself on the eidolon's current look, and transform it into something completely different.

    Event Details
    - You will have to submit an original work of art.
    - It can be manually or digital drawed (the tools used for your entry are completely up to you)
    - You will have to reimagine Tsukuyomi and give him a more manly look.
    - Your entry must be inspired by Tsukuyomi's original look.
    - You can include -or not- a background for your submission.

    Event Requirements
    - The outcome must be an original piece. You cannot copy or use existing fanarts for Tsukuyomi's new form.
    - In case of using external elements (for inspiraton or as additions to your work) all propper references must be given in your entry.
    - Include the name of your character on your submission.
    - You will have time until September 12th to post or edit your entry.
    - Only one entry will be allowed per player.

    Event Prizes
    - We will choose a total of three winners. Each one will receive one Tsukuyomi's Endless Night Bag (x3 Keys of Gaia, accessory and Ring of Oath).

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    hwow, another event that i have no chance at winning cause i got no art talent whatsoever. Good luck to those who can draw tho.

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    Tsukiyomi Shota Version.
    Sorry I wanted him to remain a shota - tr....
    cause i wanted him to be amaterasu's little brother <3
    changed the outfit colors to blue
    *pats* and gives him lollipop <3

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    Guess Amaterasu had fun dressing him up. He not so much xD

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    oo an art contest

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    Got inspired by Hirohiko Araki

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    ign: aoichi

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    I wish I could draw... I also wish this wasn't about trying to make him look masculine... We finally have a beautiful/cute male eido, but no, no feminine guys allowed... *eye roll*

    Maybe I'll try to make something, who knows... But if I do, it's gonna suck... and Aura might think he looks too feminine xD

    I like Aoichi's pic, though. He looks older, but he still looks cute!

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    I can't believe how much x-leg violated me ;w; ~ Tsukuyomi

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