Server Maintenance on September 4h.
Aprox Duration: Maintenance will take between 2 and 3 hours, and it will start around 7pm (server time).

Patch Notes:

- New Game Feature: Monster Hunt
The Monster Hunt is a brand new monthly challenge in which players will have to finish different goals in order to unlock amazing prizes. For our first edition of the Monster Hunt, very special rewards has been prepared! You can read all the details about the Monster Hunt Rules in here.

- New Eidolon Release: Tsukuyomi.
The God of the Moon will be making his debut on this month's Bonus Mall new edition. You will be able to get his Key of Gaia and Accessory with Bonus Point through all September! Plus, since there's no night without day, his wise and beloved sister will be joining the store together with her costumes. Plus, asian devoted costumes to celebrate the Moon and the Sun finally got together.

The Bonus Mall Promotions will change briefly after Server's Maintenance is over.

New September's Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards
This month Adventurer Encyclopedia will be devoted to increase your speed and your stats. With movement speed buff items, different kind of mount reshuffle stones, and non tradeable mount fusion stones, this month will help you get your mount ready for victory!

Also coming this week!
Regardless of the unusual maintenance day we had this week, our Paragon Table and Promotions will change at their scheduled date. No server maintenance will be needed for that, so you will just simply see the Paragon changing this Thursday 6th and the Hot Items changing on Friday 7th without any further server restart.

Our Paragon Table will be taking a very dark turn in this week's edition. So if you are a fan of seductive and evil looking eidolons, you will more than likely will also be a fan of their looks. Pandora and Nidhogg's Costume will be making their debut. Plus, Pandora, Lucifer and Verdandi Keys of Gaia in the table, among many other goodies.

After a nice summer eidition, our AP Store its getting chilling this week. It's about time we start getting prepared for a weather change, and Holy Fenrir and Tyr will help us with that. Plus, the release of the brand new Snowflake ornaments, cozy fashion, accessories, mounts and costume weapons.

The LP Store will be all about Animal Domination. For this week's edition of your Hot Items, we will engage on some animal training! On one side, the RingMaster Costume will be making its debut in the loyalty store. Plus, Tiger Mounts, Tigerius and Cleopawtra mounts, Byakko's Key of Gaia, and many more animal inspired items.