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    Server Maintenance 31/08/2018

    Server Maintenance On August 31.

    New Astral Puzzle [Extreme Speed Edition]
    Available from August 31 to August 7. On this week's edition of our Astral Puzzle, things are getting fast and furious. With the release of the brand new racing costumes, our Puzzle will be devoted to the high speed and extreme sports. The perfect fit for adrenaline addicts!
    - Release of Racing Boy and Girl Costume Sets.
    - Michelle's Golden Bike.
    - Choppers, High Speed Motorcycles, Cars.
    - Vintage Motorcycles.
    - Skateboards.
    And much more!

    New AP and LP Promotions:
    Available for seven days, from September 3rd to September 10.

    AP Store [Lovely Edition]
    Cooking fans will be getting a special treatment. Senshi Contracts, costumes, and furnitures to bring your sweetest side to the table, and energy boosts to make the perfect recipe.

    LP Store [Music Edition]
    The LP Store will be getting in tune with your feelings. With Melody's Senshi Contracts and full costume set, we will be just getting started... Rocking Costumes, amazing accesories, and energy buffs to give you an extra boost when performing.

    Also, remember on next week's edition we will get a brand new Senshi in our Bonus Mall, and special new Monster Hunt Rewards.

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    Thank you Aura

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    amazing update, thank you very much

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    Thank you very much as always for the effort in the constant maintenance.

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