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    [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

    Astral Puzzle Change On August 24.

    Life Of Gods!
    On this week's special edition of our Astral Puzzle and Featured Item Promotions, we will devote ourselves to the life of Meridia's more powerful creatures. With an early release of the Queen to rule them all, the Silver Sword Meteor, our Astral Puzzle and Hot Promos will be filled with Senshi Contracts and Senshi inspired fashion items. If you want to collect them all or to transform yourself into your favorite Gods, this is your opportunity!

    New Astral Puzzle [Senshi Rampage]
    Available for one week, until August 31. Most of Meridian's Gods will be filling this special Astral Puzzle, devoted to increase your senshi collection. It doesn't matter if you are missing an older or a newer God: Most of them will be there!
    - Top Tier will have the release of Meteor's Senshi Contracts. Plus! Miko, Blossom and Universal Scrolls.
    - Senshi Gems in all tiers.
    - Martial Arts Tier: Blast, Bishamonten, Laphine and Kunoichi.
    - Winter Tier: Lore, Christmas Lore, Swan and Skadi.
    - Night Tier: Charlotte, Alythia, Chronos and Serena.
    - Magic Tier: Dark Belle, Cocotte, Esther and Michelle.
    - Children Tier: Amber, Tristana, Duo and Duet.
    - Sweet Tier: Belle, Cherry, Shirley and GoGo.

    New AP and LP Promotions:
    Available for seven days, August 27 to September 3rd.

    - Senshi Fashion!
    Both stores featured items will be filled with all kind of senshi-inspired items. Accessories, costume sets, backpacks and weapon costumes to transform yourself into your favorite Gods. Including the release of Melody's Costume in the AP Store, and Amaris and Marisa sets in the LP Store. Can't miss them!

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    thanks Aura
    next week can we have some weapon costume black wing and meteor ?

    thank you

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    Aura can we have springtime coat in prmos or puzzle and monk weapon costumes would be nice too

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    If I can just retrieve my old account... T___T

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