Server Maintenance on August 16th
Aprox Duration: Maintenance will last between one and two hours.

Patch Notes:

New Paragon Table: Royal Wedding Edition
Available for one week, from August 16th to August 23. On this special edition of our Paragon Table, we will invite all azurians to celebrate love with a formal wedding Paragon. No matter if you are the leading couple of this event or a guest, you will find the perfect combination of costumes to dress up accordingly to such a special occasion.
- Royal Wedding Costume Set Release in the Paragon Table.
- Royal Prince Costume.
- Snow White Costume Set.
- Venus, Blue Bird and Snow White Key Fragments.
- Royal Tigers, Royal Kitty Chairs and Carriages.
- Hebe and Astraea's Wedding Set.
- Wedding Costume Set and Custom Tuxedo.
- Royal Crowns.
- Chocolate Buffs.
And much more!

New Promotions: Time for Power Edition
Promotions will be available for one week, from August 17 to August 24.

You are probably are more than excited about Xlegend's latest class release and wondering when it will arrive in our server, which will be a matter of weeks. In order to get ready for this new challenge, we prepared a special Hot Items Edition that will allow you to work on your equipment, on your level and your stats!

Consumables Discounts: with up to 50% promotions
- 50% discounts on Superior and Advanced Scrolls, in both shops.
- 120% (LP) and 125% (AP) Forging Scrolls bundles with discounts up to 50%.
- Holy Water discounted bundles and mount reshuffle stones.
- Mount Fusion Stone Promotions and Mount Fusion Stones in the LP Store.
- Exp Bundles with 50% discounts!
- Golden Weapon Conversion Scrolls in both stores.
- Charms Promotions.
- The God of War will make his debut in our AP Store.


Double Exp Week
Starting on Thursday 16 (after server's maintenance is over) until Thursday 23.
Time to awake those characters!