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    Server Maintenance 09/08/2018

    Server Maintenance on August 9th
    Aprox Duration: Maintenance will last between one and two hours.

    Patch Notes:

    New Paragon Table: Oriental Edition
    Available for one week, from August 9th to August 16th. On this week's edition of our Paragon Table, we will bring back some of fan favorite asian-inspired costumes, including accessories, costumes weapons, and more. A special edition inspired by the most gorgeous and melancholic of ghosts!
    - Aoandon's Key of Gaia
    - Aoandon's Key Fragments
    - Aoandon's Accessory
    - Aoandon's Costume Set
    - Aoandon's Mounts
    - Baotou Costume Set
    - Goldfish Umbrellas
    - Celebration Charming Cats
    And Much More!

    New Promotions: Good and Evil Edition
    Promotions will be available for one week, from August 10 to August 17th.

    AP Evil Edition
    The trend of good and evil continuos! But on this time around, the AP Store will see the release of the Dragon of Extinction, the gorgeous Nidhogg. Nidhogg's sees no mercy and have less of a romantic side than Pandora, so expect an scary looking promotion.
    Including [Nidhogg's Key of Gaia, Fragment and Accessory]
    Release of [Nidhogg's Costume Set]
    Addition of [Nidhogg's Extinction Scythes]
    And much, much more...

    LP Good Edition
    Feathers are out, nature is in! Nothing speaks highly about good things than Mother Nature. On this edition of our LP Store, we will be inspired by the most divine and adorable creatures of Azuria. With the Goddess of Golden Locks, we will see a romantic, vibrant, lovely promotion.
    Release of [Sif's Key of Gaia + Key Fragments + Sif's Accessory] on LP Store.
    [Blue Bird Costume Set] + [Blue Bird Key of Gaia]
    [Lady Butterfly Costume Set] and Butterfly inspired accessories.
    And more!

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    thanks for putting sif ♥

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    Thanks for the update.
    "If you really want to be a winner, be someone who does not give up."

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    Thanks for Sif and Bird in lp, Aura.

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    Yushhh sif! Arigathanks Aura-sama
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    thanks Aura/Dev

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    Sif! Thanks for the updates

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    Thanks for the update. Aura Key Nikki y Fenrir en LP shop please

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    *screams internally* finally !!! Tyvm aura! Tho I kinda feel sad I wont have an spamming post every week asking for nidhogg :C

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    Jesus I was waiting for that day we get Nidhogg costume!

    Thanks for the update /o/
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