[Screenshot Contest]
Aura Kingdom Meme Generator

They say laughing has healing properties. But in order to deliver good laughs, people needs to be able to laugh about themselves first. Aura Kingdom Community has been online for more than 4 years and it's a countless source of memes material. But on this time around, we will take one of your favorite off-game activities, and transform it into an actual contest.

Event Details:
- You need to use Aura Kingdom images to create an original meme.
- The meme can be about yourself or about the game.
- You cannot use other players as reference for your memes.
- Images can be edited, cropped, and/or modified. You can incorpore images from the internet to your memes.

Event Requirements:
- Players can participate with only one entry.
- Images and memes from the AK meme thread aren't allowed. Use your creativity and be original!
- You will have time until August 17 to post or edit your entry.
- Include the name of your character in your entry.
- You need to quote the source of all of your images.

Judgement Criteria:
- We are looking for creative and original content.
- Image quality itself won't be judged but the content of the meme.
- You cannot use offensive or explicit language.

Event Prizes:
- We will select a total of three winners.
First Place will receive x3 Rings of Oath. Second Place will receive x2 Rings of Oath. Third Place will receive x1 Ring of Oath.