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    "Where the tanukis roam free and wild, and no you're not dreaming - this place is very without further ado, welcome to Tanuki Valley!"

    "Here in the town of Helonia, you might encounter lost tanukis asking for directions"

    "Or you might find mischievous little tanukis running amok the orchard stealing apples in hordes"

    "You can leave a wish if you want to but no guarantee it won't be eaten up by the locals..."

    "Oh and did I mention, free tanuki cart rides?"

    "No matter where you look, there are tanukis and even more tanukis everywhere; for above all, this place is a paradise, a home for the tanukis and a visit here will make you realize just how special this place is - for there is indeed no other place like Tanuki Valley!"

    IGN: _Mustahsin_

    Tanuki art by Arvia

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    hiks hiks!
    *a sound of someone crying*

    Kyaa : hiks!
    Kyaa : Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T

    AuraKage : ??!
    whats up? why are u crying, Kyaa??

    Kyaa : My first love just get married. T_T
    HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa *crying even louder*

    AuraKage: it's ok, its not the end of the world.
    you can always find someone prettier, smarter!! there is around 700 people online every day, maybe 1 day, u will find your soulmate.

    Kyaa : .... yeah, maybe.
    AuraKage : ^_^


    Kyaa : by the way, how do you even marry someone in Aura Kingdom?! (while cleaning up his face)

    AuraKage : ehhhhhhh?? *shocked*
    its actually not that hard.
    first, you need to bribe, I mean give someone a gift to increase your Bonding value.
    the gift is quite special tho, you either need to use Loyalty point to get a Bouquet of Rose from LP shop, or get a magical candy from Romeo.
    here here, let me walk you to him. ^_^

    AuraKage : After you and your target have enough bonding value, you can invite her to become your Guardian Partner!

    Kyaa : Guardian Partner?? wait, I asked about marriage! I dont want a guardian, I am already a Guardian (class). >.<

    AuraKage : dont be so hasty, in Aura Kingdom, you need to go with the system, which is to prove that you and your guardian partner are close enough to get married!
    you and your partner need to have thousands of Bonding value before the priest can agree to bless your marriage!!

    Kyaa : O M G! what a headache!!
    ok ok, tell me more.. how do you increase bonding value with your partner??

    AuraKage :
    Guardian Knight system will give u a few tasks daily that you and your partner can do together.
    when you finish the task, you will increase bonding value with your partner ^_^
    the tasks can vary from killing monster together, dueling with your partner, or even fishing together. >.<
    so much FUN!!!

    also, u will get a few of Rose Honoraria badge after finishing the task, a GK currency that you can spend for much more lovely feature!

    Kyaa : awww, another coin in the game!! I like it!!
    hmm, what can I buy with the coin??

    AuraKage: You can spend the coin for exclusive ingame body costume : pretty wedding dress, and a tuxedo!!
    also, special kissing and cuddling emoticon.

    but, I think u will like this one more, a magical candy that can increase your PENETRATION!!!

    Kyaa : WHaaaattt!!! PENETRATION CANDY??!!!!

    omg, I need those!!

    AuraKage: the candy has double penetration effect bonus, you and your partner need to ... @#$hf&23(sf34923 bla bla bla bla

    Kyaa is not listening here. too excited.

    Kyaa : ahhh thank you so much AuraKage!!!
    time to find my lovely GK partner then!!! ^_^

    AuraKage: You are welcome!

    now, go go to Helonia Coast, in this summer, pretty sure lot of pretty girls with bikini roaming around there ^_^

    Kyaa : .....
    girls?? I like boys tho.

    AuraKage : ah,, ok. ^_^!

    Kyaa : uhm... can I still do Guardian partner thingy??

    AuraKage: yes yes of course!!!
    AuraKingdom is LGBT friendly community.
    here here look at my sister wedding picture!

    THE END.

    Note: what I promote: Activity, Guardian Knight system, focusing on "Marriage".
    this post is for promotional purpose only, not a tutorial.

    IGN : Kyaa
    edited with paint, source image from individual ss or google
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    "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms."
    Kyaa's Diary Series : Fishing, Archeology, Gathering, Cooking, House System

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    Sacred Valley, a quiet region for the most part. Even dark forces have stayed away from most sections. Beichan was sitting on a rooftop with a bunch of brochures and post cards in hand, pouting while looking off into the distance. She snapped back into reality when she heard her name called for the tenth time.

    "What are you doing up there?" It was Feng calling to her from ground level. "Y'know the residents are going to get mad at you, right?"

    Beichan was irritated. "Fine, fine. Least someone's paying attention." She jumped down, accidentally letting go of one of the postcards.

    Feng grabbed the card and looked at it curiously. "Isn't this the Land of Bones?"

    "Why yes, I was advertising this region. Results are well...not that great." Beichan was shy and partially frustrated, scratching her head.

    "Mind telling me more? I might be able to help fix your pitch."

    "I-I mean..." Beichan was getting flustered. She was clearly not cut out for the job. "Well the one you're holding, Land of Bones. It has remains of gigantic creatures that roamed the land many years ago. The bones themselves can't be climbed sadly, but they're still hard as diamonds! An up close view would show how much wear and tear those bones endured! Even a distanced view like that can't do it justice!"

    "I see.." Feng was more curious. He saw where the pitch could be improved, but he wanted to see more. "Mind showing me the other postcard you have?"

    "Uh, sure!" Beichan gave him the card before telling him more.

    "This is a view of a pathway leading to Aurora Temple! Well, pathway while looking back at the fortress. Gargoyles certainly add the finishing touches! Seeing them in person is honestly cool, until you get too close and they start attacking.. I didn't mean to irritate them after taking some shots I swear!" Beichan was getting too off task. "Err...sorry. There's architect along the way that dates way back. The old look really brings it all together, doesn't it?"

    Feng got slightly lost in Beichan's words. "Yeah, sure." He was looking at the cards puzzled. "I mean your pitches are okay, and the cards themselves are almost well done. What about that brochure of yours?"

    Beichan handed him the brochure, and watched his expression change from confused to disappointed.

    "Bei..." Feng was highly disappointed. "You can't just call people out."

    Beichan gave him puppy dog eyes. "But it's trueeeeeeeeeeeee."

    Feng sighed. "You have a lot of work to do if you want to sell the place properly."

    IGN: FengXiuYing
    Program: GIMP 2.10
    Font used:
    Disclaimer: Yes it's a joke entry.

    FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan

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    "So you're interested in a summer vacation, well check this out because I have the place for you!"

    You hand the eager couple a folded up pamphlet and they look back at you confused.

    Disappointed and annoyed, the couple begins to walk away, "We aren't interested" they say plainly.

    Barely holding back your own shock you rush to stop the couple from walking away. "Oh no! No, no, no!" You snatch up the pamphlet from their hands and quickly shove another one at them, "This one! This one!" You squeal at them. "I meant you give you this one!"

    "Welcome to Helonia Coast!" You grin widely as the couple stops to give you their full attention.
    "Helonia Coast offers luxurious beaches where you can get some much needed alone time while also enjoying the festivities that the town offers!"

    "Here you'll see the island just off the shore where you and your partner can spend some alone time in the sun."

    "And if you're lucky you might even get a great view of the festivities happening right on the shore of the town!"
    "We certainly are lucky to see these this time of the year! They're hard to catch sometimes since some of the times the GM's are too lazy to put them up after weekly maintenance"

    The couple looks at you blankly.
    You stare back at them cheerfully.

    "When we do get these festivities, they offer a wide variety of buffs that are sure to energize you when you get back from your vacation and motivate you to get out there and save Azuria!"

    "Wait is that a Snowman in a swimming pool?"
    "Why yes, yes it is."


    "After a long and tiring day at the beach you can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the water! Oh isn't Helonia Coast just beautiful? It's certainly got the best beaches in all of Azuria and I'm sure you would enjoy your stay there!"

    The couple looks back at you with a smile, "Thank you! We will try it out!" They take the pamphlet with them as they walk away together cheerfully.

    The End.

    IGN: Cyanea
    I decided to take a more casual/fun tone to it in hopes to make some people chuckle while reading it (:
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    Hello, Azurians.
    Are you having a headache wondering where you should go this summer?
    Are your plans ruined by annoying guards who prevent you to travel to places you wanted to visit?
    Read the following and seek no futher!

    Sometimes, you don't need to search far to find what you want.
    Navea, a city where every adventurer from every corner of the world stops by!

    As they say: "Every road leads to Ro-... Navea."

    Considering how you are reading this means that you have already been to Navea, here's what you might have missed in this sacred city.

    Firstly, if you have never been to the famous Sky Tower for whatever reason (most probably because you're too weak, kek), then let me introduce you how it works.
    The Sky Tower is a mystical place that spawns loot chests after a (not really) brief cutscene using top virtual hologram technology.
    The Tower opens every weekend at precise hours and 1 entry is allowed per person per day.

    As someone who experienced the tower countless times, I can describe what usually happens to most tourists.
    Any tourists who participate must be put together in a group of, at most, 40 people. This must be done whithin an hour before the entry.
    There are usually 2 kind of participant.
    One of them is "the actor", the participant who will act in the cutscene in order to make it progress.
    The other one is "the spectator", the tourist who sits on the floor and watchs the actors playing the scene.
    Usually, there is a shortage of actors compared to spectators so it may take really~ long to finish. You've been warned!
    The main attraction in the Sky Tower is definitely the loot chests that contains loyalty coupons (aka, slave's tickets).
    Those coupons allows you to gamble for items in the weekly paragon sponsored by the church. But you'll always end up with useless green pebbles anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The next most popular place would be the zone near the auctioneer.

    It is where you can buy almost every item in the world ranging from underwears to divine weapons.
    The auction is also one of the mediums through which we can acquire items from the 1% of the population who got lucky from praying to the church.
    It is also a place where some people put ridicoulous high price on some items.
    Be careful to not be scammed because you'll only have yourself to blame!

    If you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you might want to have a date at night when cool breeze starts to allievate this hot summer.
    The residential area always have a festive mood. It is a recommended place.

    If you want more intimacy your best choice would probably be a romantic date near water. The bush is also a nice choice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    If you can afford to be more extravagant then the date by airship is the way to go!

    For any reservations or information, please contact the agency directly.

    Ever wanted to tour Navea? Yes? See that fat guy with the austrich cart behind the loli? He's one of our employee working 24hours a day, 7 days a week, he will bring you around navea for FREE!

    Come to Navea! For more questions you might meet me, RushMeNot, at the fountain! (...or not)

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    We will start the judging process.
    Thank you to everyone who joined!

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    Azuria's Official Travel Agency has finally decided in the Top Three most popular locations to visit this summer. Despite their own attractions, the popularity of these places wouldn't have sky rocketed without the magnificient promotion made by some of our Agents. Therefore, we are here to reward their advertising creativity!

    The most popular vacation site for this summer is...

    Port Morton!
    * By Miss_Garnet

    You heard it right, the place where all your adventures begun. You might have a few disclaims against the villagers (which have, indeed, kick you out from Morton in the past) but that shouldn't be a distraction from the beautiful landscapes and of course, all the fun within the port!

    Our next stop might be a surprising location for summer holiday...

    Silent Ice Hill!
    * By FreuFreu

    If you are tired of the oppresive hot temperature, why not fly away this summer to a total different spot? Of course, you won't be able to take a sun bath or use a bikini (well, maybe you could try, but we cannot ensure your safety) but we do have a Titanic Representation with our very own Jack and Rose. If that didn't sold you the whole vacation, we don't know what will...

    Last but not least, our next destination is actually on of everyone's favorite spots...

    The Holy City of Navea!
    * By BlueRiver

    It might sound a bit of a cliche but let's be honest: in the middle of summer, afk might be the best activity you can engage on. Who needs all that sweat from grinding? Just relax near the Auction House and watch people kill each other in duel. Or, of course, you could follow Blue River advices to get to know the city!

    It is indeed a hard task to just choose three different locations, given how gorgeous the world of Azuria is, and how wonderful has been the promoting techniques by our agents. So even if you didn't make the cut, we want to thank you all for your participation! As for our lucky winners, remember to write me a private message to confirm character nickname and prizes selection, so you can receive your rewards asap.

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