[Summer Contest]
Azuria's Official Travelling Agency
Summer time is that time of the year when azurians have some little extra time in their hands. It's the perfect time for holidays, for meeting new people and places, and to find new and exciting ways to spend your time. The romantic, the adventurous, even the lazy type has a perfect activity designed to fullfill their desires.

But gathering all this information isn't a simple task! The Committee of Azurian Travelling, Commerce and Entertainment is looking for new Travel Agents to help us promote all the fun activities you can do this holidays. There is a total of three available positions, and the most talented azurians can get a spot.

Event Details:
- What to do this Summer in Azuria?
You will have to choose a location or an activity and promote it.
Take at least one screenshot to illustrate your post (it can be edited).
Sell the location or the activity to other players explaning what you can do there, most interesting spots, etc.
(For example: You can choose a town or a location inside a map / You can choose a dungeon / You can choose a profession / You can choose a mission, etc)

- This will be both a screenshot and writting contest.
We will judge the visuals of your post. We will also judge how creative you have been to describe the place or activity and make it look interesting. You can use a fun tone or a more formal one. You can present your post as a postal, as a brochure, a publicity, etc.

- This will be a role playing contest.
It is important you describe the location from a character's perspective and talking to other characters about it.

- You will have time to submit and/or edit your post until August 14. You will be able to post one entry. In the entry, several locations or activities can be described (You can, for example, dedicate your post to a single map). Locations can be repeated among the contestants since hardly two entries will look the same. Regardless, keep in mind originality will be taken into consideration when judging the event.

- We will select a total of three winners. Each winner will be able to choose between Nidhogg's and Alucard's Summer Feast Bag, and between the Summer Sailor Flirty Set or the Summer Surfing Set.