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    I mean, I think the ring rate is more than fine. 4* stories are literally the endgame and idk why you should rush to get it completed. The rings have been in promos couple times before and atleast i hoarded them when i could (esp like it was said before, you knew 4* stories were coming if you checked forums). You can also buy ap or farm gold to buy from others so i reaally don't see the problem here, it's not like you CAN'T get them. I wouldnt be surprised if in os you could only get them from ap store.

    Also, if you think paragons are bad I don't think anyone is forcing you to roll. You can wait for the next one.

    Anyway, thanks aura for the update. I didnt even know about pandora costume existing and holy do i have a need now >w>!

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    Thanks for the hard work!! <3

    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    I have been already clear about this ingame and in forums, but it seems people do like me repeating myself.
    STH is more than enough source rate of rings of oath. If it feels like its not, its only because people intend to complete their 79 eidolons's 4th stories in a month. And you know what? You shouldn't. The Rings of Oaths has always been available in the same way. People never mind this until 4* stories buffs arrivals.

    I have no intention to follow some people toxic trend of completing neglecting a piece of content that has been introduced a year ago just because it didn't made them OP, and then suddenly pretend I silver plate everything to you so you can complete the full content in a month and get back to afk complaining with your life.
    that explains
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    Thank you for update Aura! do you plan to recruit now GMs? Existing ones are pretty dead. RIP AP deals protection.

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    Since the only way to get Rings of Oath (besides from AP) is STH encyclopedia exchange, could we get candies & other buffers consumables (like octupus or noodles) like a regular or even permanent thing on LP promo?(not chocos since those are permanent atm). Thing is that those candies rates are really low, even if we have them on daily mission rewards (I always get or cotton one or usual chocolates instead of candies) and they are helpful when it comes doing nightmares modes/sth and your partners aren't geared enough.

    Since the only other reassured way to get these candies is by exchanging STH coins in encyclopedia by adding them on LP shop we could save some STH coins to trade them for Rings of Oath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fyl View Post
    Thank you for update Aura! do you plan to recruit now GMs? Existing ones are pretty dead. RIP AP deals protection.
    Our GMs are still actively working in the background but taking a short rest from some other obligations. If they decide to definitely step down from their positions new ones might be recruited in the future, but is not something it has been decided yet.

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    wow =) <3

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    People probably just delayed any LP promo with Ring of Oath due to their shitposting. =/

    Well, at least i got another three to spend, and i take ages to make an eido level 80, so i can wait another couple of weeks for it.

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    hi i'm here to complain. I mean begging. aura make ring of oath for free pls and make eido lvl25 to 4* :^)

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    Thx for this update i was waiting for Nidd =)

    Good luck for the next steps !

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    Mighty Power? ppff...that Samuel from TS in a Disguise.

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