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    Thanks for the update aura!

    hope i can get my gold costume weapon with descent stat now :cries:
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    Be careful of your words. I have short patience today, so I can't respond on how I will react.

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    Don't have sentence about ring but auntie Aura getting angry. A bit sweet :3

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    Neat power abuse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    I have been already clear about this ingame and in forums, but it seems people do like me repeating myself.
    STH is more than enough source rate of rings of oath. If it feels like its not, its only because people intend to complete their 79 eidolons's 4th stories in a month. And you know what? You shouldn't. The Rings of Oaths has always been available in the same way. People never mind this until 4* stories buffs arrivals.

    I have no intention to follow some people toxic trend of completing neglecting a piece of content that has been introduced a year ago just because it didn't made them OP, and then suddenly pretend I silver plate everything to you so you can complete the full content in a month and get back to afk complaining with your life.

    or spend around 800$ to get enough rings for all eidos, instead of running ( literally ) 474 STH using 1d charm to get enough sigils
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    Ty for updates Aura & Devs.

    Hope those buff are coming back to navea. We're need some buffffffff~~~~~

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    How were we doing before eido story came out

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    STH enough for ring of oath's? Aura, srsly?
    What about people who have real life and can't do raid or at least doing once per day? 30-40 emblems 1-40f and ring cost 300 emblems with shittons of dp. Nobody telling we wanna done whole eidos to 4* in a month. But for most people, month=one ring.
    People even started breaking our regular 1:2 ap rate, cuz of rings.
    Economy already broken with s5 weap boxes bcoz of their drop rate.

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    I don't think you're supposed to get all eidos to 4* unless you spend lots of effort and time on it. You need to choose the bonusses that benefit your character the most.
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    Ring of Oath was actually in promo some weeks before the nsoet content was released, u could've stacked them then and it was well known the 4* buffs were coming. I do agree that it should be obtainable in a easier way since the drop rate isn't high and the prices of it are ridiculous but you had the chance to get it back then, what i'd suggest is lowering the amount of STH medals needed to an amount what you could achieve every week, lets say 100 medals instead of 300. That makes it 3 STH runs average to obtain 1 ring. (if its possible to change the amount)

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