Server Maintenance on August 2nd
Aprox Duration: Maintenance will last about 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

New Paragon Table: Power Edition
Available for one week, from August 2nd to July 9th. The God of War is reaching our Paragon Table for the first time, and his mighty power will fill our tiers! A special edition of our weekly Paragon to start up the battle!
- Ares's Key of Gaia
- Ares's Key Fragments and Accessory
- Release of two brand new weapon costumes: Vows of Heroes.
- Golden Weapon Fusion Scroll and Premium Costume Weapon Enchantment Cards.
- All kind of sacred costume weapons!
And Much More!

New Promotions: Good and Evil Edition
Promotions will be available for one week, from August 3rd to August 10th.

AP Evil Edition
Our AP Store will release the brand new Pandora Costume Set. But in order to truly become the Charming Witch, you will have to release all the evil potential within you! With the darkest eidolons keys in our store and fashion items inspired by them, this week the AP Store will be the perfect opportunity to join the dark side!

LP Good Edition
For each Hell there's a Heaven, and this week it will be our Loyalty Store. With the release of Michael's Costume Set and Key of Gaia, the LP Store will be filled with gorgeous ornaments and lovely costumes to bring up your most divine side.

New Daily Login Rewards: Luck Edition
A new month, a new opportunity to get amazing rewards by login! On this month's edition, you will get mount randomizers, equipment shard stones, treasure and exp scrolls, loyalty points, and equipment restructuring potions!

New Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards: Power Edition
The spirit of the mighty Ares's will also arrive to our monthly adventurer encyclopedia rewards, with Advanced and Superior Fortification Scrolls to work on your gear and get stronger!

New Bonus Mall: August
Summer is certainly here, and this one will be quite a hot one. To raise the temperature, Sultry Nidhogg will arrive to the Bonus Mall together with her Eidolon Accessory and amazing bundles. Plus, Hot Alucard's Key of Gaia, accessory and bundles. And all kind of amazing summer items that will raise your spirit!