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    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    Next week it will get fix Jewel. We are already checking on it.
    Yay~ I wanna stuff my house with stuffffff~ \o/

    BTW Aura, will there be a time when Lv80 Orange Armor Boxes will drop from dungeons? Or at least consider a decrease in dragon point value for recipe exchange in encyclopedia. Bottom Recipes are so rare these days. Especially the Boots. -sees them for 1000g in Auction, then sees Lv90 Bottom Recipes at 500g-

    )0) -fliptable-

    Though I just tell my newbies to fortify their Lv70 Bottom cause it can't be helped so it's not much of a big deal. /).(\

    Still don't have much of a use for Gold Dragon Points. ~.~ I use them to get gold equipment to salvage for Eidolon Prayers (or Transformation Tools in general).

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    I like costumes in paragon but these costumes... Too cheap and too easy to get.

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    Not your business.
    Great shop change Aura. <3
    Think of a Supa... Yup, it's me!

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