New Paragon Table and Promotions on July 26.

New AP and LP Asian Inspired Promotions:

AP [Rainy Days] Edition:
The AP Store will be filled with a melancholic vibe. With the addition of the brand new summer traditional kimono set and the brand new costume weapons, the golden fish umbrellas, our AP Store will look like a blue asian dream. The rain will come in company of a storm, and Seiryuu the Ancient Dragon will be making an appearance. Everything will look wet and nostalgic; Aoandon's mounts will be the perfect fit to take a stroll upon the rainy forest.

Main Items in Promo: Seiryuu's Key of Gaia and fragments. Shirayuki's Key of Gaia and Fragments. New Goldfish Umbrellas. New Baotou Costume Set. New Celebration Charming Ornaments. Aoandon's Blue, Pink and Golden Version "Morning After" Floating Lanterns. Aoandon's Costume Set. New Year Kimonos. Discounted Pets: Xuanlong, Qinlong, and Zhulong. Festival Buffs: Festival Noodles, Cotton Candy and Grilled Octopus.

LP [Asian Demon] Edition:
The LP Store will continue the asian trendy topic, but on this occassion things will look far less innocent. With the debut of Murasame's Costume Set in our loyalty shop and her keys of gaia, ancient asian demons will take presence into our weekly promotions. Of course, they wouldn't be completed without the Queen of the Underworld herself, the gorgeous Izanami.

Main Items in Promo: Red Murasame's Key of Gaia and Fragments. Murasame's Key of Gaia and Fragments. Izanami's Key of Gaia and Fragments. Murasame's Costume Set. Izanami's and Izanagi's Costume Set. Oriental Shadows and Merciless Murder Sets. Discounted Pets; Goddess of Creation, Happiness Keeper and Demon Blade.

Promotions will be available for one week, from July 27 to August 3rd.

New Paragon Table: Candy Land Edition
Available for one week, from June 26 to August 2nd. The Paragon Table will be filled with adorable and sweet items to please all the players with a soft spot for candies. Costumes, mounts, costume weapons and adorable ornaments to transform Azuria into a candy land.
- New Mounts Release: Over the rainbow, Candy Land and Baby White Cloud Mounts.
- Elegant, Cafe Waiter and Sweet Maid Costume Sets.
- Kitty Dessert, Forks and Spoons Costume Weapons.
- Astral Kitty Backpacks and Baby Luxury Bats.
- Dessert Costume Sets.
- Alice and Mad Hatter Costume Sets.
- Sweet Face accessories.
And Much More!

Upcoming Promotions:
Remember next week the Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards, the Daily Login and the Bonus Mall Store will be changing to their new monthly edition.