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    Neihi and Euphemia entry

    "Neihi and Euphemia were two Bard princesses who got trapped inside Fatima's Temple, along with their dark guardians. All Neihi and Euphemia could see from the outside was a beautiful sky full of stars; shooting stars, and many planets. But, one thing they never could have was a love partner, because Fatima's Temple doesn't have doors to the outside world. Instead, portals to move to another part of temple. One day, Neihi was looking around Fatima's temple and found a sacred spell to summon an Angel, she got a idea and used it along with her best friend Euphemia.
    Neihi said:
    —Euphe, since we're trapped in this damm huge castle, and we will become two older women here, do you accept to be my eternal partner?
    Then Euphe said:
    —I really like you and this is our unique chance to become a happy couple in this sad place.

    Then the Priest said:
    This is a single casting spell, so make sure this is what you really want for the rest of your lives.

    —I really want it, it's all i got.
    Neihi says.

    —Me too.
    Euphemia said."

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    Sometimes love is the weirdest of companies...!
    And on our Wedding Album Screenshot Contest, we have three amazing stories of love, friendship and even sometimes, deception.
    Congratulations to our lucky winners!

    First Place goes to...
    Jewel and Kimoki.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jewel View Post

    Starring: Jewel & Kimoki

    It was something inevitable: spending time with someone for so long, going through the ups and downs together, how can one not fall in love? The townspeople celebrated the union of their guild co-leaders. They could only wonder, what could the newlyweds be thinking right now?

    Jewel: You are totally staring at that panty shot, aren't you?
    Kimoki: Maybeeee...?
    Jewel: Let's switch places. I wanna see.
    Kimoki: No. My view.

    The new couple glided to the rooftops and settled down, watching the festivities and listening to the merrymaking.

    Jewel: It was a good idea to hold the wedding in our guild hall.
    Kimoki: This was where we began. We built this place together.
    Jewel: I wouldn't have it any other way.

    They headed towards their sanctuary, yet one could hear the crickets chirp in their silence. This was their first night as husband and wife.

    Jewel: We're finally alone but...
    Kimoki: ...what do I say? Think, Kimoki, think!
    Jewel: So... are you hungry? Maybe you want to have dinner soon?
    Kimoki: *coughs* Yes. Food. Good food. Food is great. I like food.

    This was the start of their married life.

    Jewel: Kimo, what are you wearing? I thought we'd have dinner?
    Kimoki: I have my thinking cat on.
    Jewel: ...
    Kimoki: ...
    Jewel: Why are you like this?
    Kimoki: Because I am-
    Jewel: Don't finish that sentence.
    Kimoki: -a punny man.
    Jewel: *sigh* Can we just eat please?
    Kimoki: Meow~

    Second Place goes to:
    FengXiuYing and Selathira.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanbeichan View Post
    Morning of the wedding is always stressful, right? Getting up at the crack of dawn just to have some time to yourself? That’s what Feng and Sela wanted to do anyway until a close friend informed them about the death of Sela’s twin. The maid of honor, gone like that. Crescent Hill was where they sat in silence, greeted by the spirits of family members who already passed on.

    After a lengthy silence, Sela said “Ave atque vale”. She got up and walked toward the portal for Enchanted Valley, with the other two following her.

    Enchanted Valley is where Feng and Sela’s wedding was suppose to take place. They parted ways to change attire. Last minute news was the main reason for such a public wedding to go private for the ceremony. Still, Sela could not shake the thought of her twin being gone, going through with the ceremony because that’s what her twin would have wanted.

    Alcohol at every turn, music blazing, everyone in Azuria was welcomed to the afterparty. Yet, Sela did not like large crowds, thus left quietly. Feng noticed and followed her. No one knew where the two had gone, or better yet no one knew when they even left! In the forests behind their party, two newly weds met up and had one last dance together. “Pax vobiscum” or “peace with you”.

    Two of the guests had become worried. It had been hours since the stars disappeared without reason. While searching, worried guests had come across a rather friendly Prinny who guided them to behind a shop. Some questionable noises could be heard as Prinny and the guests got closer. Upon further inspection of where Prinny led them, the guests were more than shocked.

    Needless to say, their wedding was questioned massively after this.

    IGNs: FengXiuYing + Selathira
    And the True Judge of Love: Prinny from the last screen.
    Note 1: No hands were held in the making of this entry. All resources used came from Aura Kingdom directly(via textures or screens) and editing with GIMP 2.10 with no additions or modifications to the program.
    Note 2: “ave atque vale” means “hail and farewell”
    Third Place goes to:
    Touma and ReAki.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nowaki View Post
    From the creators of the "Five more minutes please"

    This summer, prepare yourselves to be...


    This is what i call, relationship goals or "True Love".

    IGN: Touma
    Partner (only last picture): ReAki
    Disclaimer: so i just had one picture (the last one) of my weadding, so i had to use my own alts to create the rest, im not sure if this counts as a solo or as a couple entry but imma leave that to aura.
    Your prizes will be send soon. Thank you all for joining! It has been a delight reading all the entries.

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