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    Is it ok to use screenshots from the Aeria server?

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    On a cloudy day, when I was jogging, I saw a girl gathering the flowers. The time when I looked at her, my heart lost a beat. Then, I knew that she has stolen my heart away from that moment.

    Until one day, I tried to work up the nerve to confess my love to her.

    I was so happy when she nodded her head. Getting over through many difficulties, many challenges, after all, I “kidnap” her to be my wife then we can make our home together.

    On our honeymoon, we prefer cloud gazing on the beach, hand in hand.


    Brief decreption:
    The newly wedding couple is TrieuTuLong and Miyawaki. TrieuTuLong fell in love with Miyawaki at the first sight (pic 1). Then he took all of his courage to declare his love (pic 2). After long time been together, they got married (pic 3). On their honeymoon, they enjoyed their time together on the beach (pic 4).
    IGNs: TrieuTuLong/ Miyawaki

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    Secret :D

    IGN : Focuser & Poshi

    Good luck to everyone ! owo/
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    The Beginning!
    The Struggle!
    The Perfect Moment!
    The Happy Ending!

    Pic[1] is the beginning of my journey to become a man. Pic[2] is the awkward moment I didn't know that Keres is in love with me and we end up fighting cause she stole my wedding ring LOL. Pic[3] finally i manage to get back the wedding ring and we get married. Pic[4] The happy couple decide to held their honeymoon in Candetonn Hill.

    IGN: ZodiacSpear (participate alone/Alone Entry)
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    Igns: Ianeira | RedLikeRoses

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    The Wedding Album

    Coming up the stairs of Wrathborne Temple, She reminiscene the days that led them to this moment, The adventure, the fights, the moments of happiness and love, of sorrow and comfort.

    Gazing at the beautiful starry night sky, She marveled at the sight of the falling star. She wanted to make a wish, but a voice interrupted her, the voice of her future husband. Her wish is already right behind her. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. You just look...stunningly beautiful watching the stars. Shall we go to the Sacred Tree together for our blessing?"

    While they head towards the Sacred Tree, he turned to see her, smiling. "There's something romantic about these kind of ceremonies too. Just two of us, by ourselves. No one else to pull our attention. Just you, me, and the promise of a great future ahead of us."

    And finally, there, under the light of the stars and moon, They received their blessing from the Sacred Tree, under its shade. With their oaths made, the two shared a kiss, no longer just lovers, but husband and wife.

    IGN : Sheralise and JackCrystal

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    Starring: Jewel & Kimoki

    It was something inevitable: spending time with someone for so long, going through the ups and downs together, how can one not fall in love? The townspeople celebrated the union of their guild co-leaders. They could only wonder, what could the newlyweds be thinking right now?

    Jewel: You are totally staring at that panty shot, aren't you?
    Kimoki: Maybeeee...?
    Jewel: Let's switch places. I wanna see.
    Kimoki: No. My view.

    The new couple glided to the rooftops and settled down, watching the festivities and listening to the merrymaking.

    Jewel: It was a good idea to hold the wedding in our guild hall.
    Kimoki: This was where we began. We built this place together.
    Jewel: I wouldn't have it any other way.

    They headed towards their sanctuary, yet one could hear the crickets chirp in their silence. This was their first night as husband and wife.

    Jewel: We're finally alone but...
    Kimoki: ...what do I say? Think, Kimoki, think!
    Jewel: So... are you hungry? Maybe you want to have dinner soon?
    Kimoki: *coughs* Yes. Food. Good food. Food is great. I like food.

    This was the start of their married life.

    Jewel: Kimo, what are you wearing? I thought we'd have dinner?
    Kimoki: I have my thinking cat on.
    Jewel: ...
    Kimoki: ...
    Jewel: Why are you like this?
    Kimoki: Because I am-
    Jewel: Don't finish that sentence.
    Kimoki: -a punny man.
    Jewel: *sigh* Can we just eat please?
    Kimoki: Meow~


    Jewel Verastella Rozelle
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    Jewel Sapphire
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    Just posting this little story here; I'd say a story of two star crossed lovers but that ends badly... and I'd rather live.

    Usernames: Elrusia & Celys
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    Wink [Screenshot Contest] The Wedding Album

    How difficult is love for an otaku

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    ING: LeilaScarlet and Akel

    If have any problem with links see here pls

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    Remember, the event will close at around midnight -server time- today.
    Winners will be announced on monday.

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