[Screenshot Contest]
The Wedding Album!
Nothing like saying I do! Weddings are the most romantic and idealistic events a couple can go through. Regardless, not everything goes as planned; weddings can also be the most stressfull and social complex situations. On this screenshot event, we will ask you to share your azurian wedding with all the details: the perfect and staged photos, and the ackward moments you wish you could forget.

Event Details:
- Players must post on this thread their wedding album: a total of four (4) screenshots to showcase their dreamed wedding.
- The topic of the wedding is completely up to your imagination: it can be a formal wedding at the chapel, a relaxed wedding at the beach, a thematic wedding, a small gathering at your house, etc.
- The screenshots must display different sets: the happy couple, the guests, those ackward moments.

Event Requirements:
- Screenshots can be edited.
- The minimum and maximum of screenshots to participate are four.
- Post all the screenshots on this thread with a brief description of every photo.
- The maximum of players for each participation are two.
- Guests can be showcased at the screenshots but they will not be rewarded.
- You will have time until August 3rd to submit or edit your entry.
- Remember to post the name of your character and your companion in your entry.
- Each player can only submit one entry.

Event Prizes:
First Place
The happy winning couple will receive 2.500 AP each to spend on their honeymoon, a wedding costume set (Royal Prince Costume + Wedding Royal Set), x1 Ring of Oath and a Curse of the Spring Costume Weapon. (If you decide to participate alone, you will receive your correspondant prizes: Wedding Costume Set of selection, Curse of Spring Costume Weapon, x1 Ring Of Oath and 2.500 AP)

Second Place
The runner up couple will receive 1.500 AP each to spend on the wedding reception, x1 Ring of Oath and x5 Hades's Wine Bottles to toast.

Third Place
The last selected couple will receive 1.000 AP and x1 Ring of Oath each.