Like and Share Event: Summer Nidhogg Pre Release!
How are you planning to spend your holidays this summer? If the answer is playing Aura Kingdom, then this contest will be your more interesting choice. Next month our BP shop is getting smoking hot, but before the sultry dragon hits the store, she wants to relax at the beach and work on her tanning. You can come along, if luck is at your side! Join our like and share contest, and win her Keys of Gaia before anyone else.

How to Join is very Simple:
1. You need to access our facebook site.
2. Like and Share the photo used as banner in this thread.
3. Add the name of your character as a comment on the facebook post.

On July 30, we will raffle and select three winners between all the contestants.
Every winners will win: x3 Sultry Nidhogg's Key of Gaia + x1 Ring of Oath

Good Luck To All!