[Summer Promotion]
Hot Alucard Pre Release!
The warmth and humid weather of Helonia Coast has been the final destination of Alucard's travelling trough time and space. Our Doomsday God had plenty of adventures and finally, he decided to enjoy himself and chill at the beach. But once again, he will ask for your companionship at this challenging times: now, it will not be to face new enemies, but to tame the weaves.

So do you have your bermudas or your bikini in hand? Don't worry if you don't, cause we have you covered! On this week's AP Store Hot Items, things will get hot indeed. With the pre-release of the <God of Summer> we will also have a special collection of summer fashion, mounts and accessories to relax at this nice weather!

So get your steamy God of Summer before anyone else, and way before his official release of next month's Bonus Mall. Not only he will have a hot and renewed look, but new skills to come as company!

Official Skills
Sea Dragon, Night Strike Dragon and Shadow Dragon
Stun, Target's -DEF and CRIT DMG cap limit +30%

Ultimate Skills
Target's -DMG, Stun and Sustained DMG
Stun, kickback and zeal
Nocturnal, Target's -DEF and Stun

Eidolon Collection
ATK SPD +3%/6%