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    Exclamation need help whit this error!!!

    not long ago download the game, after the installation and update I start the game just to realize this:

    Sin título2.jpg.

    if someone can tell me how to solve this since it does not even allow me to access my account.

    previously I played quietly on this server, but for different reasons I had to leave, so I am surprised that this error is present, because for that moment with this same PC I played it

    these are the specifications of my pc, I do not have a graphic card, but I did not have it a year ago when I played here

    Sin título2.png

    if someone can help me please to solve this, I really want to play here again, because I can

    P.d: I could finally enter the game, create a pj, but in the game now this happens

    Sin título2.jpg
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    Think you might want to post this on the Aura Kingdom section, you're in the Twin Saga section my friend.

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