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Thread: HyperDrive

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    arra, idk who close Dear Aura topic :v

    but hell like i won't answer to this guy named HyperDrive

    man have you been humiliated or buylled when you were kid? it's okay you can open it for me i can listen :c
    idk when someone did NOT disrespect you, you should answer him with the same matter
    as for if you know me or don't, i don't think you do cuz TYRANT is old name of mine tho i did see your "lancer"
    and about alts? like wtf who plays with his alts more than main?
    as if you want to keep this shit up idm just pm me in game "Turan" let's settle this shit
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    o/ to all future Tyrants!

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    this thread is going to be closed like the last so idk why u even bothered doing this on forum thread
    Rip Slv1 Performer

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    Take it to pm or let it die, for sanity's sake.

    FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan

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    If there's something personal you need to discuss with anybody, you can do it privately. The purpose of our forums is not for you to "roast" people. Regardless, if there's something you need to discuss, even privately, do it on a respectful manner.

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