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    Server Maintenance 06/07/2018

    Server Maintenance On July 6th.

    New Astral Puzzle [Swan Edition]
    Available from July 6 to July 13.Weather might be getting warmer, but on Meridia is still a good time to get cozzy. On this special edition of our astral puzzle, we will release the gorgeous and little Snow Goddess, the Sweet Ballerina, the beautiful snow.
    - Release of Swan senshi contracts and Hairpin.
    - Lore, Christmas Lore, Skadi, Natasha and Gaia senshi contracts.
    - Winter inspired mounts.
    - Winter inspired costumes.
    - Crystal wings and sky blue accessories.
    And much more!

    New AP and LP Promotions:
    Available for seven days, from July 9th to July 16th.

    AP Store [Marisa Edition]
    - Release of Marisa's Costume Set.
    - Release of Marisa's Costume Weapon.
    - Release of Marisa's Costume Wings.
    - Holy and Divine items inspired by Marisa; included costume weapons, angelic wings and more.

    LP Store [Amaris Edition]
    - Release of Amaris's Costume Set.
    - Release of Amari's Costume Weapon.
    - Release of Amaris's Costume Wings.
    - Dark and demonic items inspired by Amaris; included costume sets, wings, and more!

    New Bonus Mall: July Edition
    Available from July 9th.

    On this special edition of our bonus mall, the gorgeous and sacred little loli Miko will be making her debut in the world of Meridia. Miko is a sacred godess that will use her divine powers to protect her Master. Her Divine Arrow will destroy all of her surrounding enemies and her Master will always be protected by her sacred blessing and healing powers.

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    Thanks for the new stuff btw anyone else getting capybara error when going down to the near bottom of the Farming lists in the greenhouse in your terracottage?

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    thank you very much Aura . one day it will be possible to get some pretty face not glasses mustache just pretty face .thank you.

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    yes the game crash all the time when we farming plant who cost more 7 gold is a bug i guess.I didnt try in beta server if is still crashing or not .So I just try during the maint the game not crash anymore when we farming plant who cost more than 7 gold .thank you Aura and the team for your good job.
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    The Overworld
    Now I just hope that XL implement the Eastern islands (˘ʃƪ˘) and thanks for all the hard work to keep the server running ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

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    Not your business.
    Aura, could add the Furval npcs again? Please.

    They are really useful.
    Think of a Supa... Yup, it's me!

    SupaOMQ......cancer..... slv 10
    SupaSums......necro..... slv 10
    SupaSeksi........wiz........ slv 10
    SupaNinja.......shuri...... slv 10
    SupaWar..........crus...... slv 10
    SupaSpin..........rav........ slv 10

    Twin Saga - Supa

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