Bonus Mall Promotions: July
Warfare Edition
Summer just arrived and things are getting hotter in the world of Azuria. July is a month for fun, sun, and of course, sturdy bodies. And we have a new eidolon that fits this description perfectly. The new Gaia's hunk has arrived to demand a place on Azuria's most sexy eidolons, and will give a hella of a fight,

Eidolon Release: Ares

The battle has just begun...

Ares is probably one of the most famous and terrible Gods of the Greek Tradition. Son of Zeus himself and Hera, Ares was given a privileged place in the Olympus. He has a non-ending thirst for blood and his umpredictable and vicious character makes him feared even among Gods. Ares will never fly from battle and for him, warriors can only prove their value in combat.

No mercy and no surrender. The God of War will be a terrible sight for enemies but a valuable company for Envoys. With her immobilization powers, targets will be freezed at the sight of the raging God. He will decrease the defense of his opponents, stackable up to 3 times, and increase the damage dealt of Party Members by 8%. Plus, by completing his Eidolon Power, you will gain a powerful lightning boost.

Warfare Promotions:
Ares has arrive to the Bonus Mall in company of other hunks: Hades, Cerberus, Alucard, Bealdor, Uriel, Lucifer, Tyr, even Rhodri and Kaiser wants to achieve a slot among the most gorgeous males in Azuria. In celebration of this masculina energy, you will find their Keys of Gaia, Fragments and Costumes in the Bonus Mall through all the month.

The new promotions will be available from July 1st to August 2nd.