Paragon Table Change on June 21

Patch Notes:

New Paragon Table: Time for Heroes Edition
Available for one week, from June 21 to June 28. On this week's edition of our Paragon Table, Heroes are requested to fullfill their Destiny. The Envoys of Gaia will access to a special Paragon Table of Legendary Qualities, with everything they need to finally find the weapons of their dreams.
- Golden Weapon Conversion Scrolls.
- Release of Sword of Revelations and Sword of the Damned.
- Nidhogg's Extinction Scythes.
- Lightning Blades.
- Angel Feather Blades.
- Premium Enchantment Costume Weapon Cards.
- Holy Water Restructuring Solutions and Costume Restructuring Solutions.
And Much More!

New Promotions:

AP and LP Gear UP Edition:
A special edition of our AP and LP Hot Weekly Items with everything you need to work on your character and get perfect stats. Including forging scrolls, discounted fortification scrolls, randomizers, buffs, etc.

AP and LP PVE Consumables Edition:
Charming Buffs, exp bundles, inventory backpacks, sprites, and much more, to give your character a boost on that leveling!

Promotions will be available for one week, from June 22 to June 29.

Double EXP Week:
Summer just started! And we will finish June and let you prepare for an amazing holidays with a special Double EXP Week, starting on June 22.

Upcoming Content:
Sanctuary of Eidolon Nightmare Trials: The brand new nightmare mode will be available in about two weeks from now to all SLV.1+ characters. The daily dungeon will give you the perfect opportunity to farm for the newest eidolons and work on their stories; leveling them up easy with new custom eidolon exp crystals, an opportunity to farm for Ring of Oaths and Eidolon Randomizers! But of course, it will also be a new level of challenge, and surviving the Angry Gods won't be an easy task.

Eidolon 4* Stories:
The brand new stats received for paired 4* Eidolons will arrive to the game together with the new SOET Nightmare, in about two weeks from now.