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    Server Maintenance 08/06/2018

    Servr Maintenance On June 8th
    Offline Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour.

    New Astral Puzzle [Natura Edition]
    Available for one week, until June 15th. If you are trying to reconnect with nature, this week's edition of our Astral Puzzle will bring you closer to your sweetest and wildest side. Filled with lovely creatures and adorable costumes and accessories, we will finally get an opportunity to get our hands on that sneaky bunny.
    - Release of Lilith Senshi Contracts in the Astral Puzzle.
    - Eve and Cherry Senshi Contracts.
    - Eve's Full Costume and Wings.
    - Fairy and Butterfly Wings.
    - Elven Ears.
    - Bunny Accessories and Ears.
    - Doves, Bunnies, Sheeps and Capybara Mounts.
    And much more!

    New AP and LP Promotions:
    Available for seven days, from June 11 to June 18th.

    - Battle Edition in the AP Store
    If you are the type that can't resist this much sweetness, well, then you have probably chosen the wrong game. Regardless, if you still love the game but need to balance a little all that sugary costumes, we will bring you a dark edition into our AP Store. With battle outfits and dangerous accessories, you will be ready to engage in any fight without making your enemy die from tenderness.

    - Party Edition in the LP Store
    If you feel ready to get youself in a better mood and celebrate life with your friends, the LP Shop will turn into a huge cotillon. Playboy, Nurse, Joker Costumes, to bring up your most kinky side. Pizza, mustaches, kisses and slaps to decorate the end of the evening. Toy Hammers to play with and fried chicken to make your belly happy. Luxurious cars and carriages to guarantee your movility. And much more!

    - New Monster Hunt Rewards Fixes:
    The Prizes for the Monster Hunt Rewards has been change to the correspondant prizes for June. Server and Solo Prizes will remain available in July, meaning if you already claimed your prizes you must not fear: you will still have plenty of time next month to grab those missing ones.

    - Character Creation Bug Fix:
    Characters can now be created normally.

    - New Bonus Mall Rewards:
    Bonus Mall Rewards will change this Monday, June 11th. We will release to the game a brand new senshi "White Ballerina: Swan". She will be in the amazing company of winter-sided eidolons; Skadi, Lore and Christmas Lore will join her. Plus, angelic gorgeous dresses and holiday inspired fashion and mounts, to look like a snowball.

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    Tnx,Tnx,Tnx I'm so happy that Swan did not have the name of my translation T_T and thanks for listening to my suggestion.

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    Thx Aura
    There is only have the date but no time for maintenance, so when will restart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwanyee86 View Post
    Thx Aura
    There is only have the date but no time for maintenance, so when will restart?
    As soon everything is ready.

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